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In this podcast series, our Iconic Women and guests share the stories of their careers – how they identified opportunities, how they overcame challenges, and how they have lifted up others and been lifted themselves along the way.

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Episode 21: Kolleen Kennedy

In this episode we speak with Kolleen Kennedy – Varian President, Proton Solutions & Chief Growth Office. Kolleen has a clinical background in radiation therapy and medical physics and has been a prominent member of Varian since 1997. Prior to her current role, Kolleen was Corporate Executive Vice President and President of Varian Oncology Systems for seven years. She joined Varian as Marketing Manager for delivery systems and was promoted to manage Oncology Systems Marketing in 2001 and the engineering function in 2002. Today, Kolleen is responsible for growing Varian Proton Solutions offerings and oversees the company’s growth office seeking opportunities to deliver Varian technology to more people.

Episode 20: Jill and Leah Costello

In this episode, we speak with mother-daughter duo Jill and Leah Costello from ManUp! For Prostate Cancer, a charity established in 2010 by Brian and Jill Costello to educate men about prostate cancer and to create awareness about early detection and regular testing. After losing their loving husband and father Brian to cancer in 2018, Jill and Leah continue their vital work by spending ten months on the road visiting more than 70 regional and rural communities educating men about prostate cancer and the need for regular testing to capture this disease in the early curable stages.

Episode 19: Sophie Mepham PhD

In this special International Clinical Trials Day episode, we speak with Iconic Woman Sophie Mepham PhD, Icon Group Executive Manager of Research. With more than 20 years of experience in oncology clinical research and a passion for delivering the best care possible, as close to home as possible through new and innovative cancer treatments, Sophie is committed to expanding oncology and haematology clinical trials across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Episode 18: Paula Clark

Iconic Woman Paula Clark is General Manager of Client Relations for Icon’s Compounding Division – Slade Health. In this episode we speak with Paula about building and maintaining long term relationships with hospital partners and how she helps to drive the continual growth of the Compounding Division.

Episode 17: Hannah Hardy-Jones

Iconic Woman Hannah Hardy-Jones is CEO and Founder of the Kite Program – a tailored microlearning app for wellbeing and mental health. After being diagnosed with postpartum bi-polar disorder, Hannah set out to create a practical solution for mums dealing with everyday challenges. Today, the Kite App continues to help mums and most recently, businesses and teams to support healthy and supportive workplaces. In this episode we speak with Hannah about the transformation of the Kite app​​​​​​, along with her career in human resources and advice for other inspiring women looking to pursue their own journey.

Episode 16: Sue Henshall

Iconic Woman Sue Henshall is the CEO of City Cancer Challenge Foundation which supports cities around the world as they work to improve access to equitable, quality cancer care. In this episode we speak with Sue about her international career career working with organizations to accelerate solutions with lasting impact.

Episode 15: Bec Sbeghen

Iconic Woman and Pharmacy Area Manager Bec Sbeghen started her career with the company over ten years ago and since that time has continued to evolve her role within the wider Icon Group. Bec talks about the many opportunities that her career in pharmacy has opened up for her. In this episode, we speak with Bec about the power of mentorship, her career in pharmacy and the many opportunities it has opened up for her.

Episode 14: Belinda Brosnan

Iconic Woman Belinda Brosnan is a speaker, author and mentor. Belinda’s expertise lies in executive coaching, and fostering leadership skills. She is passionate about being a voice for those who don’t have one and has continued to play an integral part in the success of Icon Group’s very own leaders. Belinda is the facilitator of the Icon Group Founder’s Forum for future leaders, a program dedicated to empowering the next generation of Iconic leaders and supporting participants to realise their potential and make the transition from ‘manager’ or ‘aspiring manager’ to ‘leader’.

Episode 13: Olivia Ruello

Iconic Woman Olivia Ruello is the CEO of Business Chicks Australia and has a deep passion for women stepping into and realising their own power and potential. Olivia wants to help women harness their strengths as females – empathy, kindness, collaboration and connection – to create a generation of leaders who care. In this episode, Olivia talks about the impact of COVID-19 on Business Chicks Australia and how the new virtual events have opened up access for women in regional and rural Australia.

Episode 12: Chris Samin

Iconic Woman Chris Samin is the Site Manager of Icon Cancer Centre Southport (Gold Coast) and Wesley (Brisbane).  This International Nurses Day, Icon Group nurse and Icon Cancer Centre Site Manager Chris Samin talks about her extensive nursing career and how nursing has changed since she started her career as a cadet nurse in Queensland’s Mount Isa.

Episode 11: Sharni Webb

Iconic Woman Sharni Webb is the current Vice-Captain of the Brisbane Lions AFLW team as well as a high school teacher at Ambrose Treacy College in Brisbane. We sat down to discuss all things footy and classroom.

Episode 10: Danielle Chiel

Iconic Woman Danielle Chiel is the founder of KOCO – which stands for Knit One, Change One. KOCO was established in Australia in partnership with women who live in rural villages of Tamil Nadu southern India. What began as a solution to producing hand knitted garments offshore is now a sisterhood of artisans and a business with the United Nations’ Global Goals for Sustainable Development entwined in its DNA.

Episode 9: Natalie Davidson & Andrew Reid

Iconic Woman Natalie Davidson is the Fundraising Manager for Women’s Legal Service Queensland, a specialist community legal centre that provides free legal help to Queensland women needing assistance with domestic violence and complex family law. Also in this episode is Icon Group CEO of Pharmacy Services Andrew Reid, who is preparing to take to the dance floor in 2020 for Women’s Legal Service Qld signature fundraising event, Dancing CEO’s.

Episode 8: Bess Sutherland

Iconic Woman Bess Sutherland is a senior medical physicist who works at Icon Cancer Centre Midland and Rockingham in Western Australia. In this episode of the Iconic Women by Icon Group podcast, Bess tells us about her love of patient care through the application of medical physics and what it’s like to be a younger female in what has been a traditionally male dominated profession.

Episode 7: Ann Maguire

Iconic Woman Ann Maguire is CEO – Cancer Services (Australia) for Icon Group. With extensive experience in leading and managing change in the acute health care sector, Ann has a strong history of improving performance within businesses via a focus on optimum output, promoting a culture of high quality service delivery and effective business outcomes. With a generous, engaging and approachable nature, Ann’s leadership style lends itself to collaboration, trust and a supportive environment that motivates teams to provide the best possible care to patients and their families. In this podcast episode, Ann reflects on her role as CEO as well as her own personal experience with cancer.

Episode 6: Michelle Cassumbhoy

Iconic Woman Michelle Cassumbhoy is a clinical pharmacist at Slade Pharmacy. Michelle talks about her career path as a pharmacist, starting out as a young pharmacist in retail pharmacy before moving to oncology and clinical hospital pharmacy where she continues to develop her pharmacy skills. Michelle currently works at Thomas Embling Hospital, a secure forensic mental health facility in Melbourne.

Episode 5: Amber Summers

Iconic Woman and radiation therapist Amber Summers is passionate about cancer care and Indigenous health. In 2015, Amber’s own mother was diagnosed with brain cancer, and underwent radiation therapy treatment at Amber’s workplace at Icon Cancer Centre Toowoomba, giving Amber a whole new perspective on cancer care. Amber’s mum sadly lost her life in 2017 and Amber is now a proud supporter of Cancer Council Relay for Life, which raises funds for people affected by cancer, and research and prevention programs. Amber is passionate about Indigenous health and learning about the culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and is the Senior Reconciliation (RAP) Champion for Icon Group.

Episode 4: Jodie Lydeker

We speak to Icon patient and breast cancer survivor Jodie Lydeker about her cancer journey. From dealing with her initial diagnosis to returning to work after undergoing cancer treatment, In this episode, Jodie shares her very honest insights on the affect it had on her body image, her relationships, career and her new outlook on life after cancer. Jodie has written a blog, She.Me, about her cancer journey and reflections and learnings which you can find here.

Episode 3: Margie Hjorth

International Nurses Day is recognised each year on May 12 on the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale. To mark International Nurses Day, we spoke to Icon Group Director of Nursing Margie Hjorth about her iconic career path and her passion for nurse education and professional development.

Episode 2: Jade Carter

In this episode, we speak with Iconic Woman Jade Carter who is the Administration Manager of Icon Cancer Centre Rockingham in Western Australia. Jade started her career as a pharmacy technician and had a career change to Administration Manager just over one year ago when the new cancer centre opened.

Episode 1: Chelsea Ren

For the launch of our Iconic Women podcast, we talk to Chelsea Ren, the CEO of Icon China. Chelsea lives and works in Beijing and spoke to us during her recent visit to the Icon Group head office in Brisbane about her career path and the iconic women who have influenced her.


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