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Third Icon Cancer Centre opens in China

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Bringing world-class radiation therapy to Qingdao

In late 2019 Icon Group became the first Australian healthcare company to deliver cancer care into Mainland China. One year later the group continues to provide more care to where it is needed with the opening of two more centres located in China’s Chongqing and Qingdao.

On 28th November 2020, the new Icon Cancer Centre located inside Qingdao United Family Healthcare (UFH) Hospital was officially opened alongside the 20th Radiotherapy Annual Conference of Qingdao. The new state-of-the-art centre is equipped with a Varian, TrueBeam linear accelerator, the latest in radiation therapy technology. This machine is the first of its kind in Qingdao and delivers pin-point accurate treatments and radiation therapy techniques for a wide range of cancer types. Leveraging Icon’s international clinical expertise, the centre will also offer Varian’s HyperArc technology – an advanced radiation therapy technology delivering stereotactic radiosurgery which intelligently adapts to the size, shape and location of tumours. It is used to accurately treat multiple brain metastases and is designed to improve quality of life for patients living with advanced secondary cancers.

The Icon Cancer Centre within UFH’s Qingdao hospital is another example of the group’s ability to nurture strong healthcare partnerships in order to bring the best possible cancer care to more people.

“UFH is an internationally recognised hospital group with over two decades of proven experience in the China healthcare market. With their extensive knowledge of the China healthcare landscape coupled with Icon’s proven track record of world-class radiation therapy services, we are providing an elevated level of cancer care to the people of China,” said Mark Middleton.

The centre will deliver treatment and care for all cancer types, providing affordable, world-class care including medical insurance cover and programs to ensure patients are supported in their time of need. The Qingdao centre will also be backed by the group’s Australian-based remote services model, which provides world-class radiation therapy planning, medical physics support and specialised clinical training for radiation therapists and oncology nurses.

“Over the next few years, cancer incidence will only continue to increase, particularly across Asia. We are utilising our expertise and applying innovative processes to meet this cancer burden and be there for patients in what is undoubtedly a difficult time in their lives,” said Mark.

In the past year, Icon’s first cancer centre in Jiangxian has been treating cancer patients across the Shanxi province eliminating the need to travel long distances into metropolitan cities for the same level of world-class care. Icon is now bringing this standard of care to the people of Chongqing and Qingdao.

“We chose to build a centre in Qingdao because it was an area in need. Delivering care where it is needed most is in Icon’s DNA, we’ve brought care to regional Australia for decades and now we are exporting that same level of care into China, because we believe no one should feel helpless in their time of need. Our growth in Asia delivers on this belief as we continue to forge a path forward for better access to the absolute latest in cancer care.”




“和睦家是一家国际认可的医院集团,在中国医疗市场拥有超过二十年的成熟经验。凭借其对中国医疗领域的深入见解,加上ICON在提供世界一流放射治疗服务方面的优秀业绩,我们正在为中国人民提供更高水平的癌症医疗服务。” Mark Middleton先生表示。


“在未来几年里,癌症发病率预计将继续上升,尤其是在亚洲。我们正在利用专业知识、应用创新流程来应对癌症负担,并陪伴患者度过人生中最艰难的时期。” Mark 说到。





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