Medical Physics


Icon boasts an internationally recognised medical physics team who play a crucial role in the delivery of radiation therapy processes and developments across the Icon network. They ensure all the systems from simulation to treatment continue to provide safe and accurate radiation therapy treatments.

The medical physics team are also heavily involved in the development and implementation of new technology and techniques, ensuring Icon is delivering the highest quality best practice treatments and remain at the forefront of cancer care.

Medical physicists are generally located at each Icon Cancer Centre, but form part of a national team, communicating remotely and working in a collaborative manner. The team play a role in training the next generation of medical physicists and has a mature education and training program in conjunction with the ACPSEM TEAP program.

Through this expertise, Icon is able to begin radiation oncology services in an efficient manner. The team have commissioned over 50 linear accelerators and routinely complete commissioning within six weeks, allowing services to be operational faster. This is possible due to our capacity to match machine beam data across the Varian fleet, allowing uniform commissioning and the capacity to offer high end radiation techniques such as stereotactic radiation therapy and respiratory gating on day one of commencement. Icon invests heavily in quality assurance protocols and infrastructure, allowing automated processed which apply stringent Quality Assurance tests to dosimetry plans.

Icon’s medical physics unparalleled track record and in-depth knowledge of the radiation oncology industry is an important part of the Group’s growth into Asia, where there is currently a shortage of physics expertise. By exporting our physics commissioning, procedures and protocols, Icon is able to efficiently deliver world-class radiation oncology treatments and techniques to areas in need.

Icon’s medical physicists are also active in presenting work at national and international conferences, and are often invited as guest speakers at peak industry conferences. Research also forms an important part of the medical physics team and is strongly encouraged for continual professional development and evolution of practices.


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