Icon ECHO Clinics

Aiming to improve patient outcomes and elevate the standard of care across Asia Pacific

What is Project ECHO?

Project ECHOTM (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes)​ utilises technology to share knowledge across miles and across disciplines.

By leveraging a free web-based platform, ECHO connects clinicians with real-time collaborative sessions designed around case-base learning in an effort to increase the clinical expertise in communities in need.

For more information on Project ECHOTM visit their website.

ECHO Model’s four principles

The innovative ECHO Model is based on four guiding principles – Amplification, Best Practices, Case-based learning and Data, all centred around the improvement of care across diverse cultural and geographical contexts.

ECHO vs Telemedicine

The ECHOTM Model dissolves geographical and cultural barriers of knowledge sharing via easy to access telemedicine.

About Icon ECHO Clinics

At Icon, our mission is to deliver the best possible care, to as many people as possible, as close to home as possible.

With the objective to supporting practitioners in the Asia Pacific region to provide better care to people in their communities, Icon leverages the Project ECHOTM model to organise a series of Icon ECHOTM clinics, a regional based initiative that aims to improve access to quality cancer care.

Through our Icon ECHOTM clinics, we endeavor to improve outcomes in radiation therapy by increasing everyone’s ability to treat and manage complex healthcare challenges in their own communities with the right knowledge, at the right place, at the right time.

During a tele-ECHOTM session, an interdisciplinary team of specialists meets with participants in sharing best practices and applying case-based learning to improve outcomes in radiation therapy.

Goals of Icon ECHO ClinicsGoals of Icon ECHO Clinics

A typical Icon ECHO ClinicA typical Icon ECHO Clinic

This model program will be in the format of extended discussions of case presentations with an evidence-based approach. The focus will also be on radiation therapy planning, doses and clinical outcomes, as well as the sharing of best practice medicine in the Asia – Pacific region. These sessions aim to help improve treatment guidelines which other ECHOTM projects worldwide have shown to elevate standard of care across multiple different medical specialities.

It is also feasible that this knowledge sharing can help to improve contouring, radiation therapy planning and treatment delivery of advanced radiation techniques in the future across all developing countries.


The Icon ECHOTM Clinics are based in the group’s Singapore network and facilitated by Icon Group’s international network of clinical experts. The clinics are chaired by Icon Singapore’s Senior Consultant Radiation Oncologist, Dr Choo Bok Ai who is joined by subject matter experts from across the group, including radiation oncologists, medical physicists, radiation therapists and radiation oncology nurses.

Icon ECHO Clinics Calendar

To participate in an Icon ECHOTM Clinic and share clinical knowledge and discuss case studies, you can view our calendar of upcoming events below and click the button to register.

Please note that we do not have any Icon ECHO clinics currently available for registration.

Clinics will be focused by tumour streams and the calendar will continue to be updated.