Committed to providing greater access to new and emerging advances in cancer treatment through Australia’s largest private cancer clinical trials program with a growing global reach

Icon Group operates Australia’s largest private cancer clinical trials program with a growing reach globally.

Icon Group brings together over 30 years’ experience in research and a dedication to providing research opportunities and access to clinical trials to as many people as possible, as close to home as possible.

We provide patients and clinicians with access to national and international clinical trials across medical oncology, haematology and radiation oncology, as well as unique Icon Investigator-Initiated trials. Icon is proud to operate the largest Phase I clinical trials program and has continued to lead the way in first in-human trials helping to evolve the future of cancer treatments.

The 2020 acquisition of Ashford Cancer Centre Research by Icon Group increased Icon’s clinical trial delivery by 50%, supporting the development of new and novel therapies for people with cancer in Australia and across the world.

Clinical trials at Icon Group

To help deliver a robust trials portfolio, Icon Group work with over 200 collaborators including Contract Research Organisations (CROs), commercial and non-commercial organisations (including the pharmaceutical industry hospital and universities), industry vendors and service providers. We deliver Phase I to Phase IV clinical trials sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry and collaborative groups, as well as in-house investigator-initiated trials across our multidisciplinary clinical team, clinical registries, compounding, physics and dosimetric research.

Icon’s growing research footprint is comprised of over 90 principal investigators working across 20 cancer centres in Australia, with a comprehensive workforce of experienced researchers and administrative team members who support clinicians and the delivery of clinical trials across several Icon locations.

This mature team structure allows the Group to deliver a strong clinical trials program and convert that same model of quality and governance to international shores with current plans to expand research across Icon’s Asia and New Zealand footprint.

Our internationally-recognised clinical trials conform to the ethical principles of the Declaration of Helsinki, Good Clinical Practice and all applicable national and international clinical trial guidelines.

For Icon, research is in our DNA and is an integral part of the care we provide our patients. We continue to expand our trials and research offering across all facets of the business to improve patient outcomes and reduce the global cancer burden.