Courtney Oar

Icon Group’s 2018 Middleton Scholar

From Pharmacist to Middleton Scholar

Courtney completed her Bachelor of Pharmacy at James Cook University in 2011 and spent her foundation years working as a clinical pharmacist across multiple regional and tertiary Queensland Health Hospital services. In 2013, she commenced a role at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, where she discovered her passion for cancer care and completed her cancer pharmacy clinical training. Courtney joined the Icon Group in 2015, where her passion for education and development of others led her to take on the role of a Pharmacy Practice Advisor for Education and Training within their Pharmacy Practice Unit.

Courtney recently completed a secondment in Toronto, Canada, expanding her knowledge of cancer pharmacy practice while abroad. She continues to participate in global cancer care collaborations and has been instrumental in organising placements at Icon Group through the Pharmabridge initiative that aims to strengthen pharmacy services and pharmacy education in low-income and emerging countries. She will continue to play a role as Middleton Scholar Alumna contributing to the future direction of the Scholarship and supporting the 2019 scholar.

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