A/Prof Louise Nott Director of Medical Oncology (AU/NZ)

A/Prof Louise Nott

Director of Medical Oncology (AU/NZ)

Through years of experience, A/Prof Nott has gained an extensive knowledge base and has a passion for delivering the best possible patient outcomes. In her role as Director of Medical Oncology, A/Prof Nott brings a strong commitment to exceptional clinical governance and care.

She is a strong advocate for clinical trials and research and is committed to increasing access to the latest treatment options closer to home.

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Clinical Associate Professor Louise Nott is an experienced medical oncologist at Icon Cancer Centre Hobart. She completed her Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (Honours) at the University of Tasmania and became a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (FRACP) in 2006. A/Prof Nott undertook a fellowship at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Adelaide before returning to Hobart in 2007 to work as a medical oncology staff specialist at Royal Hobart Hospital.

A/Prof Nott is widely published and has acted as principal and sub investigator on over 50 oncology clinical trials across industry, collaborative, and academic sectors. She holds an honorary associate position at Sydney Medical School and is a university associate with the Menzies Research Institute in Tasmania. A/Prof Nott has extensive experience in treating a wide variety of cancers and provides excellence in cancer care for her patients and their loved ones. As Director of Medical Oncology (AU/NZ) she is dedicated to the delivery of exceptional clinical governance and patient care.