Icon Group and Healthscope announce partnership to deliver radiation oncology services across five states

Icon Writers / 03 6 月, 2016

Healthscope Limited has announced Icon Group as their preferred partner to establish radiation oncology centres within seven Healthscope hospitals in five states across Australia.

Icon Group intends to invest in excess of $65 million to establish these services, enabling Healthscope patients to gain access to the latest radiation technology and treatment techniques within each of the facilities.

Managing Director and CEO of Healthscope, Robert Cooke, made the announcement at the official opening of Knox Private Hospital’s redevelopment in Melbourne on Friday 3 June 2016.

“Our relationship with Icon will enable us to provide comprehensive cancer care services at seven of our hospitals, where radiation oncology services are not currently available. Cancer care is a growing and complex area of medicine often requiring multiple forms of treatment over an extended period of time. We recognise that it can be extremely stressful for patients and their families, however it is often comforting to know that all their treatment needs can be provided within an integrated setting using world’s best practice oncology technology and treatments,” Mr Cooke said.

“Icon Group is one of Australia’s leaders in cancer research and clinical trials which will ensure our patients gain access to new and emerging treatments as they become available.  They share our vision for providing quality healthcare for our patients and these shared values will stand us in good stead as we deliver these services.”

Icon Group CEO, Mark Middleton, said the significant private investment in Australian healthcare continues Icon Group’s commitment to improving equity of access to cancer care services across the nation.

“There is an acute need for advanced cancer care in Australia and we know the cancer burden in this country will significantly increase over coming years with our ageing population. We are particularly proud of the innovative use of hospital space we are demonstrating with these proposed brownfield developments with Healthscope,” Mr Middleton said.

Modular technology is allowing the retrofitting of existing space, but Mr Middleton explained there are many other solutions available.

“We are very pleased to be Healthscope’s preferred partner. These developments will allow us to introduce cutting edge technology into Healthscope hospitals to better target and treat cancer. Our use of state-of-the-art linear accelerators and sophisticated dosimetry software and expertise provide us with world class radiation therapy services. Our use of ‘best practice’ technology can significantly improve health outcomes and side effects for our patients. Icon Group looks forward to providing significantly enhanced access to radiation oncology services to patients throughout Australia via these developments.”

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