Icon Group establishes headquarters in Singapore

Icon Writers / 08 9 月, 2016

Icon Group is officially a global organisation with the opening of the Group’s global headquarters based in Singapore.

The headquarters will be headed by Icon Group Founding Chairman, Stuart Giles, who is relocating to Singapore as Founder and Chairman. Mr Giles describes the effects this will have on a global scale.

“Our move into China and Singapore marks a significant milestone not only for our company but more importantly for cancer patients. There is an acute need for advanced cancer care in Asia and I know our people, expertise and commitment to patients are second to none. Having headquarters in Singapore means we will have a base to develop and promote equitable access to cancer care across Asia,” said Mr Giles.

Earlier this year, Icon Group announced Singapore Oncology Consultants’ (SOC) incorporation into Icon Group as well as the newest function of Icon Group – Icon Plan. Icon Plan is a centralised, remote radiation therapy planning function for radiation oncology. Planning involves using the data obtained during the initial consultation with a radiation oncology patient, to plan how the machine will target and deliver radiation to a tumour.

Icon Group CEO Mark Middleton said the innovation of Icon Plan is a significant chapter in the Group’s expansion into Asia, but more importantly is a win for the cancer sufferers in Asia.

“Icon Plan’s remote capability is about exporting the strongest and most accomplished knowledge in the cancer space to support patient care anywhere in the world. The China joint venture is the start of the division’s potential, which could be implemented into other parts of Asia such as Vietnam and Myanmar.”

Mark Middleton comments on how Icon Group is well on the way to positioning itself as a leading provider of cancer care globally.

“We are wanting to take treatments to areas of need and provide equity of access to exceptional cancer care. With headquarters in Singapore alongside our highly respected Icon SOC business (now rebranded to Icon Cancer Centre), we have access to invaluable wisdom and expertise in the Asian healthcare market. Combined with the depth of expertise in Icon Group’s Australian base, we can provide Asia with access to world-leading cancer care, technology and research,” said Mr Middleton.

Icon Group is looking forward to more opportunities to grow, expand and improve equity of access to exceptional cancer care for its patients.

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