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Prostate cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in Victorian men, accounting for around a third (27%) of cases, with the number of new cases increasing each year. For many men, prostate cancer treatment involves significant side effects including urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction, along with the emotional distress both a cancer diagnosis and the impact of treatment can cause. In an Australian first, Icon Cancer Centre is proud to launch the LIBERATE clinical registry in partnership with Epworth Healthcare, which aims to support the use of new precision focal brachytherapy for men with prostate cancer and reduce side effects to preserve their quality of life.

Focal brachytherapy is a highly-targeted technique which involves the implantation of small radioactive seeds directly into the cancerous area of the prostate. These seeds deliver radiation to destroy the cancer over a short period of time. Unlike traditional brachytherapy, the seeds are placed into the tumour rather than the whole prostate, preserving the rest of the prostate gland and limiting side effects.

ICON將與Epworth醫療保健合作推出LIBERATE 臨床註冊(LIBERATE clinical registry,對在ICON Richmond 癌症中心ICON Freemasons 癌症中心接受局部近距離放射治療的低至中等風險前列腺癌患者進行監察。註冊計劃能在未來五年確定治療對長期生活質素和癌症控制率的影響。

今年64歲的Andrew Dalton於 2019年首次確診患有前列腺癌,此前他曾進行常規前列腺特異抗原(PSA)指數血液測試,PSA 指數為4.9。隨後,他被轉介至泌尿科專科醫生並得知他的腫瘤為早期局部病變,非常適合在Epworth Freemasons 醫院的ICON Freemasons癌症中心接受局部近距離放射治療。



Epworth醫療保健泌尿科副教授Jeremy Grummet表示,由於成像診斷技術的發展,尖端的治療才得以引進。

副教授Grummet 先生表示:「全腺體粒子局部近距離放射治療已被沿用超過40年,更有確鑿證據證明療法的安全和有效性。然而,隨著目前醫學成像設備的質素的提升,我們可以精確偵測腫瘤的位置、將放射性粒子直接植入腫瘤,進一步減少治療對勃起功能、膀胱和腸道功能的影響。」



For Andrew, avoiding side effects from traditional treatments to the whole prostate was very important. He looks forward to participating in the study and helping prostate cancer patients access advanced treatment without facing difficult side effects in the future.

“I’m 64 but even if I was 90, I would still hate to be incontinent or face such difficult side effects. The whole focal brachytherapy treatment has been easy. If you erased my memory of the day of the procedure, I still wouldn’t know I had an operation. There was a little discomfort and bruising in the first month but everything quickly returned to normal; life hasn’t changed for me,” Mr Dalton said.

“Research is fundamental in the treatment of cancer. Joining the LIBERATE registry and contributing to evidence of focal brachytherapy for the benefit of future patients has been a very good thing.”

局部近距離放射治療屬低入侵性醫療程序,一般僅需1天。ICON 癌症中心放射腫瘤學醫生Andrew See說,這種先進的治療方法可幫助男士迅速復原正常生活,而不會產生額外的副作用,更在療程完成後的3個月內能持續對抗癌症細胞。


“It is critical we continue to provide treatments that benefit all patients and develop trials that build robust evidence for best practice. We hope this study will provide thousands of men living with an early prostate cancer diagnosis hope that they can maintain a good quality of life even through treatment.”

Icon Cancer Centre has a strong history of cancer research and now operates the largest private cancer clinical trials program in Australia. Through the depth and experience of our dedicated research arm, we are proud to support patients and clinicians with access to clinical trials sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry, collaborative studies undertaken in partnership with universities or health focused organisations, and investigator initiated research sponsored by Icon Cancer Foundation.

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