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A Canberra cancer patient has become the first person in the Australian Capital Territory to be treated with advanced radiation therapy at Icon Cancer Centre Canberra using Varian’s HyperArc™, a new cutting-edge hyper-targeted radiation therapy treatment for multiple brain tumours.

54-year-old Canberra local Yuhua Shi was first diagnosed with Stage III invasive breast cancer in 2015 after noticing a lump in her left breast. Yuhua went on to receive a mastectomy, four and a half months of chemotherapy and four weeks of radiation therapy and was delighted to learn she had gone into remission.

Unfortunately, four years later the discovery of a lump in her neck led to devastating news – the cancer had returned and spread to her lymph nodes. Her next round of treatment involved 15 months of chemotherapy at Icon Cancer Centre Canberra, before Yuhua and her family learned her cancer had spread again in September 2020, this time to her brain.



施女士能夠在坎培拉ICON癌症中心使用HyperArc™技術快速獲得尖端的放射治療,並成為ACT中首位使用這種先進技術進行治療的患者,在一周內只進行了三次治療。HyperArc™ 利用提供放射治療的瓦里安機器(TrueBeam 直線加速器)的特性,以更高的效率、速度、準確性和患者舒適度準確地為多個腦腫瘤提供精確的放射治療,同時減少對周圍健康腦組織的影響。

ICON 癌症中心 在2018年將HyperArc™科技引入澳洲,成為首間在澳洲提供該技術的中心,在同一時間針對治療高達18個腦損傷,是過去十年從未有的突破。

ICON 放射腫瘤科醫生Lisa Sullivan表示:「HyperArc是一項立體定位放射治療,幫助我們向晚期癌症患者提供支援和提高其生活質素。在立體定位放射治療引入前,患者通常需接受花費較長時間、相對較低準確性和更多副作用的療程。HyperArc科技則只需花較短時間以高劑量針對腫瘤,產生的副作用相對較少,亦對生活構成較少影響。將HyperArc引入至首都領地,將會有更多與Yuhua有同樣疾病的患者在居住地獲得立體放射治療。這意味著,患者不僅可接受治療以延長壽命,更可同時進行他們享受的活動,無須長途跋涉到其他地區。」

“This means that patients can receive treatment that will extend their life while spending time doing what they love, without the stress of travel during this difficult time.”

HyperArc can efficiently deliver treatment to multiple tumours in just a few minutes through one automated setup, compared with other systems which require multiple setup points and the need for treatments to stop and start, meaning patients are on the treatment bed for longer.

For Yuhua, receiving advanced treatment so quickly was reassuring and comforting in her time of need.

“I feel so blessed and lucky I could receive this advanced treatment. It gave me more confidence that I could be treated with the latest technology, and physically it was so easy to deal with only going through treatment three times. I think the accuracy of the treatment is unbelievable.”


As her radiation therapy treatment was delivered in less than a week, Yuhua was able to continue working throughout treatment and spend time with friends and family.

“I’m still working three days a week and it was so helpful that I could receive treatment which worked around this. It’s completely hassle-free. It only took 15 minutes each time and everything was set up for me, so I could relax and trust in my team. I actually fell asleep during treatment! Five years ago when I received radiation therapy to my breast, each time it would take so long which was very frustrating and exhausting. This was so quick and easy; mentally, it hugely reduced my stress and frustration,” Ms Shi said.

ICON 放射腫瘤學醫生Lisa Sullivan 視這項重大里程碑為一個起點。

Lisa Sullivan醫生表示:「多虧現時的尖端治療技術發展,增加原本有限的治療選項,使愈來愈多晚期疾病患者的壽命得以延長。我們堅相,所有癌症患者無論身在何處,都獲得最先進的治療,讓他們的生命得以延續,並與摰愛共同度過更多美好時光。這就是我們十分自豪能將尖端技術引入首都領地的原因。」

ICON 的全球網絡意味著集團能在各個中心,包括偏遠和市區,靈活運用高度專門和達至世界級水平的技術和科技,包括HyperArc。這些技術包括全國培訓、廣泛的質量保證檢查和支援,確保治療質量和安全性達至最高標準。

The delivery of these techniques includes national training, extensive quality assurance checks, and support to ensure treatment is delivered with the highest safety and quality.

Icon Cancer Centre Canberra is a state-of-the-art cancer treatment facility delivering Canberra’s first private radiation oncology service, in addition to providing chemotherapy and treatment for malignant and non-malignant blood disorders under the one roof. Private health insurance is not required for radiation therapy with 80-90% of treatment costs covered by Medicare.

HyperArc technology is available across Australia and New Zealand at Icon Canberra Icon GreenslopesIcon Gold Coast PrivateIcon Maroochydore and Bowen Icon Cancer Centre.

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