Dr Hsieh Wen-Son

Singapore Research Committee Chair

Dr Hsieh Wen-Son is specialised in the treatment of various types of cancers and is active in developing novel cancer diagnostics and molecularly targeted anti-cancer treatments.

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After studying Philosophy and Psychology at Oxford University on a Rhodes Scholarship, Dr Hsieh obtained his medical degree  from Johns Hopkins University. After completion of his training in Internal Medicine at Duke University and in Medical Oncology at Johns Hopkins, Dr Hsieh was active in patient care, teaching, and research as a full time faculty member at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine with a primary appointment in the division of haematologic malignancies. He remains a part time Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University and is a Principal Associate at the Cancer Sciences Institute of Singapore at the National University of Singapore, where he is active in the development of novel tests and treatments to diagnose and treat cancer.

With a research interest in molecularly targeted cancer therapies, immunotherapy and molecular diagnostics, Dr Hsieh has established a number of international studies involving centres in Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, the Philippines, Myanmar and the United States examining novel treatments and novel diagnostic tests for lymphomas as well as nasopharyngeal and hepatocellular carcinoma. He has also been the principal investigator of more than thirty completed or ongoing clinical trials investigating novel treatments for a variety of cancers. Dr Hsieh has authored over 80 scientific articles, abstracts, and book chapters and has lectured at regional and international medical and scientific conferences. Dr Hsieh is committed to providing evidence-based treatment for current cancer patients as well as to developing more effective cancer treatments.

Dr Hsieh accepts referrals for all cancer types, with a special clinical interest in lymphoma, head and neck and lung cancers as well as hepatobiliary cancers.