Slade Health opens first-of-its-kind Australian research lab

Icon Writers / 08 3 月, 2022

State-of-the-art Drug Stability Testing and Research Laboratory opens in Sydney

Icon Group’s compounding arm, Slade Health today officially opened a state-of-the-art in-house specialist Drug Stability Testing and Research Laboratory in Sydney; the first-of-its-kind in Australia. Located at Slade’s Mt Kuring-gai facility, the laboratory has been introduced to remove some of the systemic barriers within cancer care infrastructure by improving the ability to deliver the latest, most innovative treatments.

Compounding of cancer treatments must be completed under very controlled sterile conditions to ensure patient safety, and most compounded doses have a very limited shelf-life – often only 24 hours. With a 24-hour window in which a dose must be administered, this treatment model offers little to no flexibility which means cancer patients, especially those in regional areas, must travel sometimes hundreds of kilometers to receive their treatment in metropolitan areas.

Dr Larissa Gomes dos Reis, Senior Scientist at Slade Health explains why the lab is a milestone for regional cancer care.

“The reality for cancer patients is that they aren’t always well enough to travel and receive treatment on a specific day. This means individual’s treatments aren’t always able to be used, which is a huge cost burden for hospitals and means both patients and clinicians can be left waiting for the next available batch.”

“An improved shelf-life of up to 90 days enables patients to be treated closer to home, supports the practical usage of innovative treatments without wastage, and provides more flexible options for clinicians when prescribing the best course of treatment.”

Pictured: Larissa Gomes Dos Reis (Slade Health Senior Scientist), Julian Leeser MP (Member for Berowra), Kim Dibley (Slade Health Regulatory, Medical and Scientific Affairs Manager) and David Slade (Slade Health CEO)

Complex molecules such as mRNA technologies, vaccine, gene, and cell technologies are going to transform how treatment is delivered. This trend for very personalised targeted therapies requires new systems to be put in place to compound these molecules and deliver them in a timely way that supports the patient to remain in or closer to their community.

Currently stability data for the more novel cancer treatments can be limited and therefore treatments aren’t always accessible for patients. The laboratory brings the capability of generating the robust scientific data required to demonstrate that treatments compounded by Slade Health are stable and safe to use for longer than 24 hours.

David Slade, Icon Group Executive Director and Slade Health CEO explains why the company invested in the state-of-the-art laboratory,

“Our commitment at Slade Health has always been for the patient to be the centre of every decision we make. The new Stability Lab provides a unique service offering that is a critical step forward in underpinning the best cancer care possible. With Slade Health’s extensive manufacturing capacity and now the ability to generate robust scientific data to support extended shelf-life, Australian cancer patients and clinicians can safely access the latest treatments regardless of where they live.”

This world-class laboratory builds on the Group’s global research capabilities and our continued investment in the best possible cancer care, close to home. To learn more about our research experience, read Icon Group CEO, Mark Middleton’s LinkedIn article here and take a look at our 2020 Annual Research Report.

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