Cancer Services – Hong Kong

Aligning Australian and Hong Kong cancer care expertise to meet a growing need.

Hong Kong’s cancer spend is expected to nearly double from HKD $13 billion to over HKD $24 billion by 2026 due to an ageing population and increase in medical tourism from Mainland China.

It is these sobering statistics that saw Icon Group expand into Hong Kong via the acquisition SunTech Medical Group in November 2019.

SunTech Medical was founded by some of the top clinical oncologists and colorectal surgeons in Hong Kong. With a philosophy of providing high quality, personalised care, SunTech and Icon share the same values of patient-centred care and an equal commitment to facing the global cancer burden by using the latest technologies.

Coupling SunTech Medical’s strong clinical leadership and local reputation for excellence and Icon Group’s investment in world class technology, education and training, we have formed a strong, synergistic partnership that ensures scalable services are available for Hong Kong and the surrounding Mainland region.

Learn more about Icon Group’s cancer care activities in Hong Kong on the
Icon Cancer Centre Hong Kong website.


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