Chemotherapy Compounding

Australia’s leading chemotherapy compounders.

Icon Group’s chemotherapy compounding services are delivered by Slade Health – a fifty year strong pharmacy, hospital and aged care industry provider founded on a commitment to patient care, quality, innovation and integrity. The business operates a quality network of TGA-licensed manufacturing facilities across the Australian eastern seaboard in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. In 2018, all of these facilities delivered building works to increase capacity.

Through a strategic focus on growth via contract and business acquisition, Slade Health has more than tripled its output from 300,000 to over 1,000,000 infusions annually since 2016, cementing its position as Australia’s leading chemotherapy compounders. The business currently holds contracts with two Australian State governments for the supply of chemotherapy products throughout their state health services, in addition to holding partial supply contracts with the governments of other Australian states.

Developing more than 1,000,000 infusions each year

In May 2021, Slade Health entered into a long-term agreement with the Auckland District Health Board (ADHB) to provide sterile compounding services to meet the growing need of cancer patients in the region. This agreement will see Slade design, build and operate a world-class, GMP (Medsafe) licensed sterile compounding facility delivering chemotherapy, antibiotics, analgesics and nutritional infusions for public and private hospitals across New Zealand.

Slade Health also compounds analgesics and antibiotics and is the distributor for mobiFUSER – a safe and effective at-home care infusion pump that delivers medication on a continuous basis over a specific period of time and is ideal for 24 hour intravenous antibiotics. The ongoing diversification of Slade Health’s service offering is a reflection of the business’ dedication to delivering a complete range of TGA licensed sterile compounding services.

Learn more about Icon Group’s chemotherapy compounding services on the Slade Health website.


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