Medical Physics

An internationally recognised team redefining radiation therapy best practice.

Icon employs an internationally recognised medical physics team who fulfil a range of critical functions in the delivery of quality cancer care and evolution of radiation therapy technologies.

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The team have commissioned over 50 linear accelerators. Commissioning activities are routinely completed within six weeks, allowing services to be operational faster. This efficiency is enabled by the team’s capacity to match machine parameters across Icon Group’s fleet of linear accelerators, allowing uniform commissioning and ensuring Icon Group sites can offer high end radiation techniques such as stereotactic radiation therapy and respiratory gating from day one.

Quality control

Located throughout Icon’s network of cancer care centres, the team play a crucial role in equipping Icon’s radiation therapists to deliver safe and accurate radiation therapy treatments. Icon also invests heavily in quality assurance protocols and infrastructure, allowing automated processes which apply stringent Quality Assurance tests to radiation therapy plans and treatments.


Icon’s medical physicists are continually developing and implementing new radiation therapy treatment techniques to ensure Icon remains at the forefront of cancer care.


The team play a valuable role in training the next generation of medical physicists. They operate a mature education and training program which is delivered in conjunction with the Australian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine’s Training Education and Assessment Program.

International expansion

Exporting the Group’s medical physics expertise, including commissioning, procedures and protocols, is an important part of Icon’s growth strategy in Asia. These capabilities allow Icon to efficiently deliver world-class radiation oncology treatments and techniques to areas in need.


Icon’s medical physicists are active in presenting work at national and international conferences, and are often invited as guest speakers at peak industry events including the Engineering and Physical Sciences in Medicine (EPSM) conference, American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) conference, and local / international Varian user meetings.

Research and collaboration

Research forms an important part of the medical physics team’s remit and is strongly encouraged for continued professional development and to support evolution of practice. Key research projects and collaborations the team have delivered are outlined below.

Latest collaborations

  • Member of the Varian Adaptive Intelligence Consortium, alongside other peak international bodies, to collaboratively develop clinical and technical aspects of Ethos technology and wider radiation therapy treatments and techniques. Varian Medical Systems. 2019.
  • Evaluation of GPU calculation for Varian Eclipse TPS. Varian Medical Systems. 2017 (completed)
  • Evaluation of hybrid MCO plan generation algorithm for Varian Eclipse TPS. Varian Medical System. 2018 (completed)

Latest publications (peer reviewed)

More than 50 linear accelerators commissioned at Icon centres across Australia, New Zealand and Mainland China.


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