Benefits at Icon

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What does working at Icon look like?

  • Dynamic and supportive work environment
  • Valued rewards program and staff benefits
  • Varied and unique career development pathways across all disciplines
  • Opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology and new developments
  • Unique clinical opportunities
  • Be part of research and clinical trials
  • Access to some of the nation’s leading cancer professionals
  • Competitive remuneration and flexible employment structures
  • Leadership team who reward hard work and faster career progression
  • Focus on professional development
  • Exciting international opportunities as part of Icon’s Asian and New Zealand expansions
  • A values-driven company culture that rewards its people

The Middleton Scholarship

Launched on World Cancer Day (4 February) in 2018, the Middleton Scholarship is an annual prize personally funded by Icon Group CEO, Mark Middleton, and his family. The scholarship focuses on empowering staff across Icon Group with continued professional development and meaningful opportunities.

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Future Leaders Forum

Future Leaders Forum is a program dedicated to empowering the next generation of Iconic leaders and embedding the legacy of the Group’s Iconic founders. The program identifies and fosters leadership talent within Icon Group, supporting participants to realise their potential and make the transition from ‘manager’ to ‘leader’.

The program highlights the importance of building and maintaining a strong organisational culture that acknowledges present strengths while fostering the spirit of entrepreneurialism necessary to make the most of future opportunities. This approach equips our Future Leaders Forum participants to protect Icon’s cultural legacy while making a significant impact on the Group, healthcare and even humanity.

Be Iconic - Rewards and Recognition

Delivering the best care possible is only possible through a deep commitment to our values. Through our rewards and recognition program, every day we celebrate iconic team members living our values. Tangible rewards and a community approach to recognition defines the success of the program. At its heart are our site Recognition Boards, which provide a visible space to celebrate effort, hard work and success. Each month, the boards host hundreds of messages of thanks and praise between colleagues and across teams throughout Icon’s international network.

Icon’s reward program culminates in an Annual Awards Gala event, with finalists invited to Brisbane, Australia, where their achievements are celebrated by their colleagues and wider leadership team. The result is an iconic team who feel supported and are committed to living our values, every day.


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