Cancer Services – Australia

Australia’s largest dedicated provider of cancer care.

Icon Group has invested in excess of $250 million to establish a national network of state-of-the-art cancer care facilities.

The Group currently operates more than 30 centres across the country, with several new centres in development.

Icon’s network includes a mix of dedicated medical oncology, haematology and radiation oncology facilities, as well as comprehensive cancer centres that bring together chemotherapy, radiation therapy, treatment for blood disorders and pharmacy services under the one roof.

As Australia’s largest dedicated cancer care provider, Icon Group is proudly committed to championing world-class, local cancer care for all Australians. Over 50% of the Group’s treatment centres deliver services to patients in outer-metro and regional communities.

Service milestones

  • Pioneers of private cancer care in Australia, with over 35 years of experience
  • Management of Australia’s largest private cancer clinical trials program
  • First in Australia to deliver a private, fully integrated cancer centre bringing together haematology, medical oncology, radiation oncology and pharmacy services
  • Established Australia’s first private Bone Marrow Transplant Service
  • Strong background in Public Private Partnerships
  • Delivered 180% growth in six years since foundation in 2016 – from 12 to 34 cancer care centres nationally

Technology milestones

  • First in the world to deliver cone beam CT via the Varian Halcyon System
  • First in the Southern Hemisphere to introduce Varian’s IDENTIFY Surface Guidance System
  • First in the Asia-Pacific region to introduce Varian Ethos therapy, which adapts radiation in line with changes in the patient’s internal or external anatomy
  • First in Australasia and third in the world to install a Varian Halcyon radiation machine
  • First in Australia to deliver radiation therapy using Varian HyperArc technology for multi-met brain cancer
  • First private provider in Australia to utilise AlignRT technology to deliver tattoo-free radiation treatment
  • First in Australia to have an Esteya brachytherapy unit to treat skin cancers with superficial radiation
  • Member of Varian’s Online Adaptive Consortium, playing a leading role in evolutions of adaptive technology
  • First in Australia to use world-leading Veritas Bunker technology from the United States – enabling installation of radiation oncology bunkers in smaller spaces
  • First private provider in Queensland to introduce Deep Inspiration Breath Hold (DIBH) technique for patients with left-sided breast cancer
  • Continually pushing the boundaries of radiation therapy technology including:
    • Development of Varian’s Ethos stereotactic techniques
    • Essential involvement in improvements of Varian’s Ethos margin reductions
    • Evolutions in automated plan generation for breast radiation treatments
    • Among the first to develop Varian’s Halcyon iCBCT for use in treatment planning
    • Development of AI based automated contouring
    • Advances in Varian’s IDENTIFY SGRS techniques

Learn more about Icon Group’s Australian Cancer Services division on the
Icon Cancer Centre Australia website.


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