Specialist Services

Providing a new dimension of quality care.

With a commitment to supporting patients to access exceptional care closer to home, Icon Group acquired SunTech Medical Group in November 2019.

This acquisition was made up of two oncology centres (now Icon Cancer Centre Hong Kong), two surgery centres (now Icon Specialist Centre) and some of Hong Kong’s most renowned clinical oncologists and colorectal surgeons, and was a logical step for the group in helping to reduce the global cancer burden. With the introduction of surgical treatment, Icon is able to expand service offerings for the benefit of patients through a wider medical professional network, increasing patient interactions and providing a more holistic approach to care.

The introduction of specialist services broadens our expertise and enables us to care for patients right from cancer screening and diagnosis through to surgery and multimodal cancer treatments, and also offer a complete and seamless care path for patients navigating specialist procedures and/or cancer.

We’ve created a unique multidisciplinary network of medical professionals who work closely with each other to ensure patients’ needs are met and the best possible care is delivered every step of the way.

Icon Specialist Centre provides holistic treatment for the Hong Kong and Greater Bay community including consultation services, endoscopic examinations, and colorectal and laparoscopic surgery.

Icon also contributes to public awareness of colorectal diseases and surgery to promote early diagnosis and treatment for such conditions in a conscious effort to increase public education and better outcomes.

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