Cancer Services - Asia / 05 Dec, 2019

Icon Group signs agreement with China’s Sinohydro Bureau 11 Co. Ltd Huanghe Sanmenxia Hospital

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Icon continues to grow services into Mainland China

Icon 集团与中国水电十一局黄河三峡医院签订合作协议

Just as Icon became the first Australian healthcare company to deliver cancer care treatment in China at the Icon Cancer Centre in Jiangxian, the group has also officially signed an agreement with Sinohydro Bureau 11 Co. Ltd Huanghe Sanmenxia Hospital.


Sanmenxia is in Henan province, China’s most populous province. Sanmenxia Hospital has an existing campus with 1500 beds and is currently building a second campus of 800 beds at their Huanghe (Yellow River) Sanmenxia Hospital where Icon will build and operate an Icon Cancer Centre to deliver the latest in radiation therapy treatments.


Cancer rates across China continue to increase, with high levels of cancer diagnosis across the Henan province but there is currently a lack of expertise and resources to meet the cancer burden. Icon Group’s strong track-record and comprehensive oncology experience will allow Sanmenxia Hospital to deliver a world-class standard of cancer care to the community.


“We are bringing the absolute latest in cancer care to the people of China. This partnership is another example of our commitment to make a difference across Mainland China,” Mr Middleton said.


“We want to help hospital partners, like Sanmenxia wherever we can and share our knowledge and expertise to help close the gap and provide the best care possible to local communities in need.”


The hospital is located in a growing hub that will service the Henan, Shaanxi and Shanxi, the Yellow River Golden Triangle, communities and will help contribute towards the ‘Health Sanmenxia 2030’ strategy to increase healthcare in the region and bring advanced technology and medical expertise to the community.


This year, Icon Group also signed partnerships with Sanbo Brain Hospital and United Family Healthcare and opened a centre in Jiangxian Red Cross Hospital. Alongside its growth in Mainland China, this year Icon has increased service offering in Singapore with the announcement of a comprehensive cancer centre at Mt Alvernia Hospital set to open in 2020 and the acquisition of SunTech Medical which saw the expansion of services into Hong Kong.

这一年,Icon集团还与三博脑科医院和和睦家医疗签署了合作协议,并在绛县红十字医院开设了一家肿瘤中心。除了在中国大陆的发展,Icon今年在新加坡的服务也有所增长,宣布将于2020年在安微尼亚山医院(Mt Alvernia Hospital)开设综合癌症中心,并收购了SunTech医疗,将服务扩展到了香港。

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