Good Morning

This is Icon Group CEO, Mark Middleton’s debut book. It tells the shared story of COVID-19 and how together Icon remained calm, connected and committed.


One CEO, 62 emails, 1,700 replies, 34,000 plus words and 3,000 team members across five countries connecting in the face of a global health crisis.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed every aspect of our lives. It manifested uncertainty, disorder and isolation. It kept families apart, closed businesses and disrupted workplaces. But when a crisis hits, good leaders can turn the worst into an opportunity. Good Morning is a collection of emails from a healthcare leader focused on keeping his team calm, connected and committed despite the profound challenges the world was tackling.

Taking inspiration from common aspects of our daily lives and strength of the human condition, these emails explore themes of family, literature, music and film to provide teaching moments and a sense of comfort in difficult times.

Including poignant replies from team members and leadership tips and advice, Good Morning marks a significant chapter in a company’s history and a workplace lesson in the importance of connection and keeping up morale. It is a source of inspiration for anyone looking to improve their leadership skills, or simply in search of a resource that encapsulates the best of the human spirit.

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All proceeds of Good Morning go to Icon Cancer Foundation, a registered charity dedicated to providing hope, access and opportunity to people with cancer through supporting research and clinical trials.

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Thank you for purchasing Good Morning. Your support is not only helping to build leadership connection but will also assist in the continued development of cancer research and treatment.

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