Episode 13: Sophie Mepham PhD

Elevate episode with Sophie Mepham PhD

Group CEO, Mark Middleton OAM met with Executive Manager Research, Sophie Mepham to delve into her passion for oncology research and discuss how her own experiences have shaped her professional ethos and dedication to advancing the quality of cancer care globally.

Sophie is a fully trained biomedical scientist and has dedicated over twenty years to cancer research. Her career includes a significant tenure within the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), particularly within the National Institute for Health Research and the National Cancer Research Network.

During her time there, she built a substantial research portfolio, laying a strong foundation for her current role. Having joined Icon four years ago, Sophie has brought a wealth of experience and a unique perspective, especially in addressing the challenges of cancer care and oncology research at a global level.

Sophie’s story begins with a personal chapter that would define her career. Reflecting on her mother’s cancer diagnosis and how taking part in a clinical trial saved her life.

“I do truly believe that my mum taking part in that clinical trial saved her life and it is why she is here with us today,” said Sophie.

This experience lit a fire in Sophie that would lead her to dedicate over two decades to oncology research, earn a PhD in chronic lymphocytic leukemia, and eventually relocate to Australia to take on a leadership role in global research at Icon group.

Importance of care closer to home

A significant focus for Sophie has always been improving access to treatment and clinical trials. She emphasised the importance of care closer to home and reducing the burden on patients and families who must travel for treatment.

“I know what it’s like to travel long distances for treatment,” said Sophie.

“We lived in quite a rural part of England and mum had surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy before she participated in that clinical trial. I remember driving with her about two hours each way for those five weeks of radiotherapy.”

“It’s actually that experience that has really driven my passion for working at Icon.”

Watch the full episode below and hear more from Sophie on clinical trials, the role of technology in improving patient outcomes, and what motivates her and her team every day.

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