Icon Group brings Veritas bunker technology to Australia

Icon Writers / 13 Sep, 2016

Icon Group continues to lead in healthcare innovation bringing to Australia for the first time, world leading Veritas bunker technology from the United States.

The bunker technology is a modular space saving solution which allows for radiation oncology services to be established in places where there would otherwise not have the space to build the facilities. Mark Middleton, CEO of Icon Group, said Icon Group’s commitment to healthcare innovation and improved access to quality cancer care across Australia and beyond informed investments such as this one in Veritas.

“Icon Group is focused on expanding to deliver cancer care where people live. We have a long pipeline of growth ahead of us; this investment into modular bunker technology will support that growth trajectory by allowing us to take radiation oncology services to places otherwise not possible because of space restrictions and geographical locations,” Mr Middleton said.

“Usually radiation oncology requires large concrete bunkers, however this technology provides the absolute latest in radiation shielding without a large physical footprint. The result is the ability to provide cancer services in more areas, an outcome that can only be good for cancer patients and access to exceptional cancer care.”

alphaXRT is the Australian and New Zealand distributor of Veritas, a US based company who are a world leader in the design, production and installation of pre-engineered radiation treatment facilities. Veritas’ modular designed bunker fits inside a space of just 39.04sqm when the average size of a standard concrete radiation oncology room is 60.1 sqm.

“The bunker we are currently installing with Icon Group would never have been possible in the medical hub where it is being located. Not only can we construct it in 3-4 weeks, compared to the 3-4 months for concrete, we can put it exactly where patient care is needed. Without Veritas’ innovative technology, the centre would have to be located a significant distance from the other key medical services needed by cancer patients,”said Mr Richard Neale, Managing Director for alphaXRT.

Veritas bunkers retain the flexibility to be deconstructed and reused at a later date. The system of dry stacked shielding blocks interlock to form a tight, leak free radiation therapy treatment room.


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