Icon launches theranostics – a personalised approach to cancer treatment

Icon Writers / 10 Oct, 2023

Icon Group is proud to announce a major advancement in our comprehensive cancer treatment service with the launch of theranostics.

Theranostics, a blend of ‘therapy’ and ‘diagnostics’, is a personalised cancer treatment that uses advanced diagnostic imaging to identify cancer cells, followed by radiation therapy delivered at a cellular level for treatment.

Highly targeted, theranostics uses unique molecules that bind with specific receptors on cancer cells to deliver radiation directly to them. Unlike many traditional treatments, theranostics can target both primary and metastatic cells, even those unable to be detected on conventional imaging systems.

Its precision reduces harm to healthy tissue and minimises potential side effects, making it a well-tolerated treatment choice with an aim to slow the growth and spread of cancer, alleviate symptoms and maintain or improve a patient’s quality of life.

Best care possible

As an oncology-based provider of theranostics, Icon delivers a seamless integrated cancer treatment service for patients; with access to a comprehensive range of cancer treatments, clinical trials and continuity of care by an experienced team.

The service is provided at Icon Cancer Centre North Lakes, in outer Brisbane, Queensland with a team led by Nuclear Medicine Physician, A/Prof David Macfarlane.

With over 30 years of clinical experience and having led the successful development and implementation of various theranostics programs in Australia, A/Prof Macfarlane is delighted to bring this innovative treatment to Icon.

“Theranostics is revolutionising personalised treatments, allowing doctors to image and treat cancer with ongoing progress in the field,” said A/Prof Macfarlane.

“Throughout my career, I have maintained a commitment to making theranostics more widely available to patients at a high clinical standard.

“Safe and effective practice of theranostics requires close cooperation with other specialists and facilities to deliver exceptional care for often vulnerable patients.

“Icon North Lakes has the infrastructure and resources to support both a clinical service and provide patients with access to clinical trials, and we are delighted to make this treatment option available to our patients.”

Pictured: A/Prof David Macfarlane

Future healthcare

Group Director of Molecular Oncology, Julie Crouch, anticipates theranostics will play a pivotal role in the future of cancer treatment.

“This innovative treatment approach brings new hope for people facing cancer, especially those who have exhausted standard treatment options or where symptoms of their cancer are affecting their quality of life,” Ms Crouch said.

“While theranostics has shown remarkable success in treating advanced prostate cancer and neuroendocrine cancers to date, clinicians and researchers worldwide are exploring ways to expand the range of cancers that can be treated using theranostics and increase accessibility to these life-changing therapies.”

The oncology segment market for theranostics is expected to grow to an excess of $129 billion by 2025, providing a significant pipeline of industry funded clinical trials.1,2,3

Icon Cancer Centre North Lakes is initially offering theranostics treatment for metastatic prostate cancer and selected neuroendocrine tumours through Lutetium-177 Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen (Lu-177 PSMA) therapy and Lutetium-177 DOTATATE therapy. Actinium-225 based-therapies are also available.

It is delivered in a comprehensive day hospital environment with the support of an experienced nursing and operational team.

Icon plans to expand theranostics services within Australia and internationally.

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Theranostics is provided under the appropriate Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) pathway.

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