New transport to treatment vehicle helping cancer patients in Mildura

Icon Writers / 29 Nov, 2023

Local charity, Sunraysia Cancer Resources have donated a new car to the Mildura Health Icon Cancer Centre to help provide transport options for patients undergoing cancer treatment.

After receiving a large donation from the estate of local firefighter, Bill Walker, Sunraysia Cancer Resources chose to purchase the vehicle to help local cancer patients and honour the late Mr Walker.

The centre sees around 25 people a day and this car enables patients outside of Mildura easier access to treatment.

Closer to home

Open now for six months, the centre is having a significant impact on patients in Sunraysia and nearby regions having already completed more than 3,200 individual radiation treatment sessions.

Over 130 patients have completed their radiation therapy treatment.

With the majority of patients now no longer needing to travel to Melbourne, Bendigo or Adelaide, an estimated total of 800,000 kilometres have been saved in patient travel.

World-class care

CEO Icon Cancer Centre AU/NZ, Paul Fenton said this service is helping change lives and improve patient outcomes bringing more care closer to where people live.

“Previously, many people living in regional Mildura would choose to forego receiving radiation therapy treatment because they often can’t travel away from their lives and businesses for a long period of time,” said Paul.

“Today, the Icon team is providing world-class treatment within the community, and additional services like this car help people receive the treatment they need and still go about their daily lives as best they can.”

Pictured: Icon Cancer Centre Site Manager, Anita Erlandsen with Sunraysia Cancer Resources’ Rochelle Collinson

Volunteer drivers will help run the service for patients travelling to and from their treatment. Sunraysia Cancer Resources provides information, support and practical assistance to people diagnosed with cancer and their families and carers.

The Icon centre operates in partnership with Mildura Health Private Hospital who deliver the day oncology service, providing comprehensive cancer treatment.

Learn more about Icon Cancer Centre Mildura here.

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