Bowel Cancer Australia and Icon Cancer Centre announce new partnership to help close the care gap

Icon Writers / 07 Feb, 2024

Everyone deserves access to quality cancer care, yet despite bowel cancer being the third most diagnosed and second deadliest cancer in Australia, people diagnosed with bowel cancer don’t receive the same level of support as those with other common cancers.

Bowel Cancer Australia and Icon Cancer Centre have announced plans to place specialist Bowel Care Nurses in select Icon cancer centres across Australia, offering greater support for patients with bowel cancer and helping to close the care gap.

“More than eight in ten patients have identified access to a specialist nurse in-person or by phone as one of the most important aspects of their care coordination,” says Bowel Cancer Australia CEO Julien Wiggins.

“Bowel Cancer Australia began providing telehealth support to bowel cancer patients across Australia over twelve years ago, in response to patient support preference and long before it became common practice,” he added.

”This new collaboration between Bowel Cancer Australia and Icon Cancer Centre will help to further close the care gap with an expansion of our in-person specialist Bowel Care Nurse Pilot in select Icon cancer centres across Australia.”

The new specialist Bowel Care Nurses will help to provide more bowel cancer patients with the care they deserve, as close to home as possible, so they can live their best lives.

”We know that patients can become overwhelmed when it comes to navigating the health system following a cancer diagnosis, they may struggle to manage side effects during treatment or feel worried about the challenges of life after cancer. We’re proud to partner with Bowel Cancer Australia to provide our patients with additional support to help them navigate this difficult time in their lives,” says Icon Cancer Centre Australia and New Zealand CEO, Paul Fenton.

A Bowel Care Nurse is a registered nurse who has specialist knowledge and experience caring for people with bowel cancer, serving as their main point of contact during and beyond cancer treatment.

“Bowel cancer patients are often faced with unique challenges and their journey can vary greatly from other cancers,” explains Fiona, Bowel Care Nurse at Bowel Cancer Australia.

“Bowel Care Nurses provide care coordination, direct patient care, emotional support as well as assist patients in navigating a sometimes-complex health system, enabling them to take a more active role in their treatment and care,” she added.

Recruitment of the specialist Bowel Care Nurses will commence in February.

This reflects Icon Group’s continued commitment to nurturing industry partnerships and working together to close cancer care gaps and improve the patient experience. Icon Cancer Centre Australia are continuing to work with local Patient Advocacy Groups to find actionable solutions, including regional forums across numerous states.

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