Enhancing our Radiotherapy Practice Unit to meet global growth

Icon Writers / 20 Feb, 2024

As Icon expands its global footprint, the team continue to focus on strong clinical governance frameworks to ensure we are delivering the best possible care anywhere in the world.

Our Group Radiotherapy Practice Unit (RPU) was established in 2018 and plays a critical role in building a robust clinical governance framework. To meet Icon’s continued growth the RPU has been evolving its structure and membership. Recently, the RPU has undergone key updates to strengthen its role in supporting our growth into new geographies, including the UK and Malaysia.

These updates include a leadership transition, with Icon Group Director Medical Physics, Anthony Walsh, assuming the role of RPU chair following Claire Smith’s appointment as National Operations Manager, cancer centres UK. Additionally, there’s been an expansion in Icon’s RPU membership framework.

The RPU also welcomes international Radiation Oncologists – Dr Francis Chin from Icon Singapore and Icon’s Chief Clinical Strategy Officer, Dr Penny Kechioglou and representatives from various RPU sub-committees, as well as appointing a dedicated research delegate.

These evolutions help keep Icon’s approach to governance in radiation therapy, a rapidly evolving field, at the forefront of quality, innovation and operational excellence

Pictured: Members of the Group RPU Linda McGinn, Margie Hjorth, Anthony Walsh, Lee Anderson and Caroline Montgomery.

Expanding into new geographies

Icon Executive Manager Clinical Care, Trent Aland emphasises the value of international membership.

“By including international members and observers in the RPU, we gain a better understanding of regional needs and challenges,” said Trent.

“This global perspective helps Icon ensure that every region’s voice is heard and their specific requirements are met.

“We also need to ensure that the RPU is representative of our diverse patient base”.

Anthony Walsh discusses the supportive role of the RPU’s sub-committees.

“The sub-committees within the RPU play a supportive role and ensure all aspects of our radiation therapy services, from clinical protocols to patient care approaches, are in line with local regulations and cultural sensitivities,” said Anthony.

“This structure allows for a harmonious balance between maintaining our global standards of excellence and adapting to regional nuances.”

Future healthcare and research integration

The appointment of a research delegate within the RPU demonstrates our commitment to advancing patient care, acting as an informal link between Icon’s RPU and Research Committee. This role is vital in supporting global research opportunities and ensuring that the RPU stays at the forefront of radiation therapy advancements.

As Icon continues to grow, particularly into the UK, these experiences are invaluable for shaping our global strategy.

“Each country presents its own set of unique challenges and risks. Adapting to these nuances is not just a necessity; it’s an opportunity for us to refine our model and strategy,” said Anthony.

“The learnings we gain from each new market will inform our decisions and approach, not just in those specific regions, but across our entire network.

“Questions like the effectiveness of our current models, the need for additional subcommittees, and how best to integrate local practices into our global framework are at the forefront of our planning.

“We want to ensure we’re continuing to bring the best care possible to as many people as possible in every location we enter, and we believe a strong clinical governance framework will help us do that.”

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