Icon Cancer Centre named finalist in APHA’s Awards for Excellence

Icon Writers / 21 Mar, 2024

Icon Cancer Centre Australia’s patient-focused Cancer Survivorship Program has been named a finalist in the 2024 Australian Private Hospitals Association (APHA) Awards for Excellence for the category of Consumer Partnership and Engagement.

These awards recognise excellence in healthcare innovations making a significant impact to patient care.

Marked for its contribution to improving the patient experience during cancer treatment and beyond, Icon’s Survivorship Program highlights the benefits for a wide range of supportive care ranging from emotional, physical, psychological, and practical challenges after active treatment.

Icon Cancer Centre Australia developed the program having seen patients were receiving varied survivorship support, depending on their centre and location.

The national program is a patient-focused, nurse-led and co-designed with consumers. Under the program, Cancer Care Coordinators provide personalised consultations for patients, developing a comprehensive Wellness Care Plan and essential post-treatment resources. Patients also have access to a Cancer Wellness Program delivered in a group setting.

Best care possible

Icon Group Director of Nursing, Margie Hjorth said that, while still in its initial stages, the Survivorship Program has greatly improved the patient experience.

“Fortunately, we continue to see more and more patients surviving a cancer diagnosis and we understand the importance of providing a holistic, integrated approach to care and support after treatment,” said Margie.

“This survivorship program continues our commitment to improving the patient experience and being able to give those in our care the support they need to transition smoothly from finishing their treatment to wellness and recovery and live well post treatment.”

Up to 108 participants across medical oncology, haematology and radiation oncology have enrolled in the program, which is currently available across five centres.

So far, 21 patients have completed the Survivorship Program with 70% of respondents feeling better than their last visit. When asked ‘How likely are you to refer the Survivorship Program to a friend?” 79% of respondents rated the service a perfect 10/10, achieving a Net Promoter Score of 89.5.

Patients have shared how the programs has benefited them:

“I feel I have been given multiple opportunities to discuss any concerns I have and also to given lots of information to support my ongoing wellbeing.”

“I appreciate having someone to talk to who is dealing with our lifestyle choices, balancing out strict medical regime. We want to live but have to find a way to enjoy life again as well”.

Holistic care

The program is based on the five Cancer Oncology Society of Australia (COSA) Model of Survivorship Care principles:

  • Survivor centred, enabling individuals to participate in decision-making, engaging individuals to motivate positive health choices and empowering individuals to seek information and support.
  • Integrated across all service levels, at every time point.
  • Coordinated across all services.
  • Accessible and equitable.
  • Promote wellbeing, prevent illness, and manage symptoms and problems.

The program, learnings and positive outcomes are highly scalable with Icon set to roll out the service to additional sites throughout 2024.

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