Icon leaders announced as Oncidium Foundation Australian Ambassadors

Icon Writers / 16 May, 2024

Icon Group’s (Icon) Executive Manager of Research, Sophie Mepham and Group Director of Molecular Oncology, Julie Crouch have been announced as Australian Ambassadors for Oncidium Foundation, a non-profit and public benefit organisation dedicated to raising awareness about Radiotheranostics for cancer care and providing support to accelerate global access.

Sophie and Julie are two of only five ambassadors in Australia, providing expertise in the field of radiotheranostics and nuclear medicine for cancer treatment. As ambassadors they join a global network of healthcare professionals championing awareness, education campaigns, collaborations, and shared knowledge to help promote the use of this precision medicine treatment and contribute to promotion of new and emerging clinical trials using Radiotheranostics.  

Julie has worked in theranostics for more than 15 years and is dedicated to ensuring more people have access to theranostics. She said this ambassadorship another step in Icon’s commitment to expanding theranostics in Australia and beyond.  

“We launched our theranostics program in Queensland last year and are focussed on growing our theranostics capabilities across Australia and into Singapore,” said Julie.   

“We’re fortunate to have industry leading nuclear physicians helping to drive forward theranostics and are in talks with many organisations to start clinical trials. 

“It’s a privilege to work alongside Oncidium and their global ambassadors to spread the word and play our part in education and access.”

Sophie says this will help propel Icon’s capabilities in precision medicine.

“The field of nuclear medicine for cancer therapy is gaining momentum and is showing positive patient outcomes,” said Sophie.

“It’s a constantly evolving field but still relatively unknown to many patients and medical practitioners and as Oncidium Foundation ambassadors we can help accelerate access to precision medicine and the latest clinical trials to ensure more people can have access.”

Oncidium Foundation leads the way in this patient-focused science, connecting people to advance the availability of this innovating and life-saving technology. It is a worldwide hub connecting patients, practitioners and experts in the field of nuclear medicine, and focuses its mission on three main pillars – access, education and hope.

For more information visit https://www.oncidiumfoundation.org/

This follows Icon’s recently announcement of internationally recognised Nuclear Oncologist and Internal Medicine Physician, Dr Nat Lenzo joining Icon as Clinical Director, Molecular Imaging and Nuclear Oncology (Asia Pacific)

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