Innovative SPECT-CT now scanning patients at Cancer Centre London

Icon Writers / 29 May, 2024

Icon and Nuffield Health are proud to bring the best care possible to patients at the Cancer Centre London (CCL), and now offer access to a newly installed SPECT-CT system in the recently refurbished Nuclear Medicine Department.

The innovative SPECT-CT Scanner delivers high quality, precision scans using a lower radiation dose, enabling patients undergoing cancer care and those with serious underlying conditions to be diagnosed faster and more safely.

CCL Nuclear Medicine and PET-CT Services Manager, Angie Wong, said the new technology brings significant benefits to patients.

“A Nuclear Medicine SPECT-CT scan is a diagnostic imaging technique that combines nuclear medicine with computed tomography (CT) imaging. It offers many benefits – it’s faster, so we have the capacity to see more patients who are waiting for an appointment,” Angie said.  

 “This scanner provides precise clinical information that other imaging modalities are unable to provide.  

 “Importantly, it also gives patients better comfort. We can also potentially lower the radiation dose for patients using this new generation SPECT-CT.” 

 The SPECT-CT scanner and Nuclear Medicine Department refurbishment is an important milestone for CCL, and both Icon and our strategic partner in the UK, Nuffield Health, are incredibly proud to see patients now benefiting. 

 Health Systems Director for CCL and neighbouring Nuffield Health Parkside Hospital, Kate Farrow, said the teams are committed to providing the best care possible to patients. 

“It’s so important that we keep up with innovation and diagnostic technology so we can make sure our patients are getting access to the best scanners,” Kate said.

“This is a fantastic machine that will benefit so many in Southwest London.

“The team has worked hard to deliver a seamless project and it’s great that we are now welcoming our first patients.”

Icon National Operations Manager (cancer centres UK), Claire Smith, said the collaboration at CCL between Icon and Nuffield Health, and this new technology, mark an important contribution to cancer care in the UK.

“It’s exciting to see this type of technology launch in our centres – it truly enhances our patients’ experience and sets the tone for what we’re aiming to achieve here in the UK,” Claire said.

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