Julene and Carolyn celebrate 20 years of providing the best care possible to South Brisbane

Icon Writers / 31 May, 2024

Weaving a 20-year legacy of compassion and commitment at our Icon Cancer Centre in South Brisbane, Nurse Manager, Julene Wallace and Patient Admissions Officer, Carolyn Bambridge have impacted the lives of many Brisbane patients and their families with their dedication, expertise and care.

Learn more about how they’ve helped contribute to the best care possible at Icon Cancer Centre South Brisbane as they reflect on their careers and how the centre and Icon Group have evolved over the years.

Julene Wallace

Julene cannot pinpoint the exact reason or time she decided to become a nurse – it has been her lifelong passion.

“Being a nurse was all I ever wanted to be,” Julene explained.

An Iconic career of opportunity

Julene commenced her nursing career in 1990, launching a global career that took her across the United Kingdom, Ireland and Saudi Arabia before settling at Icon Cancer Centre South Brisbane – then known as Haematology and Oncology Clinics of Australia (HOCA) – in 2004.

“My career so far is defined by opportunity – from global experiences to new roles – all of which have helped shape my career and have helped me excel,” Julene said.

“Joining Icon offered me numerous opportunities, from becoming Nurse Manager and covering the role at Southport and Mackay to participating in the Future Leaders Forum.

“I have also recently become a Mental Health First Aid Officer, a cause close to my heart and an opportunity to provide more care in the community.

“All these opportunities have made my 20 years at Icon extra special, and I look forward to what’s next.”

Evolving care at South Brisbane

The expansion of Icon Cancer Centre South Brisbane over the past 20 years has allowed Julene and the team to continue to provide the best care possible.

“Over 20 years, South Brisbane has undergone many changes—from expanding chair numbers and clinical trials, and adding a pharmacy to moving to electronic ordering, welcoming new roles and services, and receiving extra support from our centralised nursing and education team at Head Office,” Julene said.

“It’s been amazing to see Icon grow into the organisation it is today, caring for more patients, and I’ve been fortunate to grow with it.”

Fostering a nursing career

Julene believes a fulfilling nursing career means seizing every opportunity and building strong connections with patients and their families.

“My advice for nurses new to the profession is to go for it and be open to new opportunities,” Julene expressed.

“Also, continue to create connections with patients – it’s one of the special parts of our jobs – building a personal relationship with patients and their families, being by their side every step of the way during a vulnerable time of their lives.

“We’re so lucky to be in this profession and be let into the lives of our patients.”

Beyond Icon

Beyond her work caring for patients, Julene is an accomplished sportswoman – competing in Dragon Boat Paddling.

“Our team were State Champions last year and this year, alas Silver, but it is still a great achievement,” Julene said.

“It’s a demanding sport but exhilarating to be on the water.”

Carolyn Bambridge

Carolyn’s passion for patient care led her to a career in patient services – a path she embraced after realising nursing wasn’t for her.

“I’ve always had a desire to help others and build meaningful relationships – and even after two decades, my passion has never wavered,” Carolyn shared.

Growing our purpose at pace

Carolyn has played a pivotal role in the evolution of the South Brisbane centre as well as the wider Icon Group, often called upon to share her expertise with exceptional patient care.

“Together with my South Brisbane colleagues, we helped craft the concept of our value ‘Nurture,’ drawing from my patient care experience to ensure it truly reflects our commitment to our patients and team,” Carolyn explained.

“I have also assisted in other areas of Icon – helping open the Chermside and Southport clinics and increase their efficiency, which contributed to the successful opening of these clinics.

“While I have faced some challenges over the last 20 years, my determination and passion have helped me create positive outcomes.”

Observing the evolution of Icon

Throughout her career with Icon, Carolyn has witnessed significant changes and exciting milestones at Icon Group.

“The rebranding from HOCA to Icon Cancer Centre marked a pivotal moment in our evolution, and despite the various changes and transitions, the energy of the South Brisbane site has always remained upbeat and cheerful, and our commitment to patient care has never changed,” Carolyn said.

“One of the joys of a long tenure has also been watching colleagues raise their children alongside mine, celebrating life milestones from baby showers to retirements, and seeing many go grey around me.”

Fostering an iconic career

To Carolyn, building an iconic career means dedicating yourself to your passion.

“My advice to those early in their career journeys is to follow your passion, be dedicated and enthusiastic about the tasks you undertake and remain open to change and innovation,” Carolyn expressed.

“Embrace new opportunities and challenges as they arise because you never know where they might take you.”

Beyond Icon

Beyond work, Carolyn enjoys a busy family life with her two teenagers and their beloved Schmoodle, Dusty.

“My free time can involve anything from being my teenage daughter’s driving instructor – which is not for the faint-hearted and embarking on many family holidays, recently spending Christmas and New Year, travelling from New York to San Fransisco,” Carolyn said.

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