David Slade

Group Executive – Compounding (Stepping down October 2022)

David proudly leads Icon Group’s compounding division with a keen focus on patient care, quality, innovation and integrity.

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David will be stepping down from the Group Executive – Compounding role at Icon Group in October 2022, and will stay on as a majority pharmacy owner and strategic advisor across the Group’s international compounding and pharmacy portfolio. Read more about the leadership transition here.

David and his family have played an essential role in the evolution of Icon Group. The Slades founded Slade Pharmacy more than 50 years ago and it was from this business that Slade Health emerged.

Since founding the Slade Health compounding arm in 2012, David has driven acquisitions in the chemotherapy compounding space to evolve Slade Health into one of Australia’s largest oncology manufacturers. Since Slade’s incorporation into Icon Group, the compounding division has grown by over 300 percent and has secured contracts to deliver all public chemotherapy products across several states in Australia.

David is passionate about innovation and using technology to improve business operational capability. Slade was the first in Australia to introduce robotic dispensing technology into hospital pharmacy, develop and deploy an online ordering system for chemotherapy and use unique barcoding technology to support patient safety in hospitals.

David leads the Slade Health team with a keen focus on patient care, quality, innovation and integrity.


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