Jenny Hansen

Chief Marketing and Communication Officer

With more than 20 years’ marketing experience in the healthcare sector, Jenny brings powerful insights and understanding to her role protecting and growing the Icon Group brand.

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Jenny has worked across a wide range of healthcare sectors including private hospital, diagnostics and allied health, in both profit and not-for-profit.

She joined Epic Pharmacy in 2008 and since that time has delivered a number of significant milestones including the rebranding of Epic Pharmacy (formerly APHS), the early formation of Icon’s day oncology business and the Group’s foray into international markets. She is integral to the success of establishing a strong and consistent Icon brand at all levels.

Jenny is focused on implementing robust and effective strategies to cement Icon Group as the cornerstone of cancer care. This includes supporting the growth and diversification of the Group’s business units, facilitating effective entry into new markets and delivering on Icon’s mission to address the global cancer burden.


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