Cancer Services – Mainland China

Bringing Australian cancer care expertise to the people of Mainland China.

Over the next two years, the cancer burden in Mainland China will increase by 70%. Icon Group is addressing this burden via Australian expertise and cutting-edge techniques to help meet the growing need for quality cancer care throughout Mainland China.

In February 2019, the Group signed a milestone agreement with Mainland China’s Sanbo Brain Hospital Management Group (Sanbo) to deliver radiation oncology services. The first such service is already under development and will open next year in Sanbo’s Chag’an hospital in Chongqing. Icon will manage the facility in partnership with Sanbo, embedding a blend of international expertise to deliver high-quality cancer care. The centre will have the capacity to treat 900 patients annually.

The Sanbo partnership was followed in quick succession by an agreement with United Family Healthcare Group (UFH). UFH is a renowned international hospital and clinic network with over two decades of proven experience within the Mainland China healthcare market. Icon’s expertise in the Australian cancer care market, coupled with UFH’s well-established standard of care in the region is a solid foundation that will benefit patients and clinicians and see the introduction of much needed high standard radiation therapy treatments at their hospital in Qingdao.

In December 2019, Icon Group became the first Australian healthcare company to deliver cancer care treatment at the first Icon Cancer Centre at Jiangxian Red Cross Hospital. This milestone was shortly followed by continued growth with a number of further partnerships, including an official signed agreement with Sinohydro Bureau 11 Co. Ltd Huange Sanmenxia Hospital to build and operate an Icon Cancer Centre delivering the latest in radiation therapy treatments at their Sanmenxia Hospital in Henan province. Similarly, the Group officially opened a collaboration with JSZ (Jin Sha Zhou) Hospital in Guangzhou which has already seen Icon provide technical support and clinical education and training to introduce a world-class standard of cancer care.

Icon Group is also a proud partner of the China Anti-Cancer Association (CACA), a non-governmental organisation dedicated to the prevention and treatment of cancer. Icon works alongside CACA to provide bespoke training packages for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals in Mainland China and also works closely with CACA (Australia) to foster growing relationships within the Australian Chinese medical community.

First Australian healthcare company to deliver cancer care treatment in Mainland China

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