Nurse Manager - Vinmec Central Park International Hospital, Vietnam

Icon Group is proud to be partnering with Vinmec Central Park International Hospital with a shared vision to deliver world class multimodal cancer treatment and improve the standard of care in the region.

A strong ethos of providing the best possible care and first-class expertise to all patients, and the use of world class technology requires a team of dedicated and compassionate medical professionals.  Icon is excited to be working with Vinmec to expand their team to deliver on the vision.

We are searching globally for clinical professionals to fill Medical Oncologist, Radiation Oncologist, Nurse Manager and Radiation Therapist positions.  Initially offered as 12-month contracts, Vinmec will support you in your move to Vietnam and also in the alignment of your licence to practice in your home country with professional registration requirements in Vietnam.

An experienced nurse will be appointed to the team to manage the nursing function within a multidisciplinary team.  The successful person will have experience at Senior Staff Nurse level within an oncology setting, with a proven ability to support and mentor team members to ensure a strong alignment with the vision to deliver world standard care.

It is expected that you will hold nursing registration with training and experience in the treatment of Breast, Lung, Gastrointestinal, Head & Neck, Lymphoma and Gynaecological cancers.

Vinmec and Icon are working towards an Oncology Centre of Excellence, to deliver exceptional and effective cancer care services and treatment to people in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding areas.  A competitive salary and international mobility package will be offered to reflect Vinmec’s desire to build a top quality service comprising professionals from around the world.

If you’re interested in joining us on this exciting journey, please APPLY NOW and let us know what attracted you to apply.  All applications will be acknowledged, and we’re happy to personally discuss any questions you might have about this career opportunity. 

If you have any questions prior to submitting your application, please contact Icon’s recruitment team at

Please note that an understanding of written or verbal Vietnamese language is not a requirement.

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