Senior Operations Manager - Cancer Centre in Vietnam

Senior Operations Manager
Vinmec Central Park International Hospital, Vietnam

Icon Group is proud to be partnering with Vinmec Central Park International Hospital with a shared vision to deliver world class multimodal cancer treatment and improve the standard of care in the region.

A strong ethos of providing the best possible care and first-class expertise to all patients, and the use of world class technology requires a team of dedicated and compassionate medical professionals. Icon is excited to be working with Vinmec to expand their team to deliver on the vision.

A unique opportunity now exists for a Senior Operations Manager to join Vinmec and play a pivotal role in the strategy and provision of clinical care to patients. 

Vinmec and Icon are working towards an Oncology Centre of Excellence, to deliver exceptional and effective cancer care services and treatment to people in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding areas. A competitive salary and international mobility package will be offered to reflect Vinmec’s desire to build a top quality service comprising professionals from around the world.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Lead Administration/Clinical Practice Management team members at the Oncology Center and ensure a safe, supportive and productive work environment
  • Maintain an understanding of all administration/clinical practice management tasks at site to ensure appropriate day to day management of the administration/clinical practice management function, relieve in any role and support team members as required by hands on filling in administration roles when covering staff absence
  • Consult on and manage recruitment, orientation, training, performance reviews of new staff with the Vinmec human resource team.
  • Develop a high performing team through quality performance management. Address performance and manage issues relating to team members as they arise
  • Consult on and advise developing effective rosters to manage workload and meet the needs of the Oncology Center
  • Provide consistent and transparent communications to all team members within the Administration/Clinical Practice Management team
  • Provide active and positive Oncology Center leadership to the team and maintain a collaborative relationship with all team members at the Oncology Center
  • Conduct monthly team meetings and facilitate formal communication with team members
  • Identify service gaps and provide expert opinion and providing solutions
  • Encourage a participatory team approach to service delivery, canvas ideas and strategies to enhance the both service and clinical care delivery of the team
  • Complete comprehensive team assessment to identify gaps in skills required to achieve business outcomes and ensure staff training is completed (to be done in conjunction with human resource).
  • Prepare documents and coordinate in organizing CMC meetings
You should possess:
  • Strong understanding of the service delivery models within the private healthcare sector;
  • Experience in a management role in a healthcare organisation with a demonstrated consultative leadership style
  • Capacity to lead enthusiastically, communicate effectively and manage people while balancing the delivery of safe quality patient care with the varying and/or conflicting demands of stakeholders
  • Financial, analytical and business planning capabilities in a service delivery framework where KPIs are used to manage and achieve performance outcomes
  • Ability to engage team members in delivering safe quality cancer care services in a highly regulated and dynamic environment
  • Strong commitment to team member development facilitated through assessment, learning and development programs
  • Proven ability to build effective relationships with key stakeholders to achieve required outcomes
  • Demonstrated commitment to customer service
  • Demonstrated highly developed interpersonal skills, conflict management & negotiation skills 

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