Meet Christine Wijaya

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From a young age, Christine dreamed of helping others, and her career has been guided by that passion, seeing her pursue a health profession – now making a difference in the lives of hundreds of ASEAN patients at Icon.

Icon ASEAN Medical Concierge Christine Wijaya is an invaluable connection for countless patients across the ASEAN region – many of whom travel from other countries to receive care at Icon in Singapore.

As a Medical Concierge, she is an important point of call for our patients from their first contact with Icon to post-treatment, helping them find accommodation, transport, and other medical support services in Singapore during their treatment period, assisting with translation and being an extra support person for those not receiving treatment in their own country.

For those outside ASEAN, the title ‘Medical Concierge’ may be unfamiliar, with the function being unique to Asia and crucial to their cancer care practice.

Christine took some time with us to share more about her role, what it entails, and how she contributes to helping provide the best care possible to our patients.

How do you help improve the experience of our ASEAN cancer centre patients?

Many patients across the ASEAN region travel to receive cancer care, and the Medical Concierge is there to help reduce the extra stress that can come with this.

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is never easy and can be overwhelming; the difficulties compound for patients looking for treatment in foreign countries.

As a Medical Concierge, I help patients navigate the ‘uncharted waters’ before meeting our doctors for the first time. While many patients have smooth-sailing treatments afterwards, with our doctors captaining the ship and leading our team of nurses, pharmacists, physicists, and administrative staff, some patients may need extra assistance, and the concierge can fill in the gap.

What do you enjoy about your role?

For Christine – helping patients and seeing their resilience makes the job extra special.

All the patient interactions are extra special, and I am honoured to be able to be part of their journey together with them.

From parents who are fighting hard to find cures for their babies, young patients with reproductive cancers, adult patients who are juggling work and cancer treatments, to uncles and aunties who are not giving up – they all teach me valuable lessons every day.

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