Meet Georgina Whelan

Site Manager – Icon Cancer Centre

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Considering a purpose-driven career with Icon? Georgina Whelan says it’s the best decision she’s made

It’s hard to find someone whose life hasn’t been touched by cancer. It’s a devastating reality, but Icon Group is proudly at the forefront of easing the burden. And no one is more passionate about providing the best care possible than Georgina Whelan. As Site Manager of our Cancer Centre in Townsville, Georgina lives and breathes our purpose each day. Here’s why she thinks you can make a difference with Icon, too.

Connection, at heart

Picture this: It’s 8am, and Georgina Whelan has walked into the Icon Cancer Centre in Townsville. She’s done it for almost a decade, but the immense pride she feels when entering the brick building has never wavered. You might expect her to log on to her computer first or jump straight into writing up her to-do list for the day. Instead, Georgina does something that not all managers can say is a priority.

“Without fail, the very first thing I do after putting down my bags is walk around the entire unit and say good morning to everyone,” Georgina says. “I’ve done that every single day since the minute I started, and I’ll continue it.”

This small but genuine gesture is just one inside look into what it’s like to be part of Icon Group’s Townsville team. As Site Manager, Georgina is proud to lead a group of incredible, connected and talented people who are all driven by Icon’s vision. She says it’s the most integral aspect of her role.

“Icon’s purpose is so clearly articulated from the very top of the organisation. We all want to provide the best care that we possibly can, and we don’t just talk the talk. The patients are at the centre of everything we do, and that’s what I love about Icon. And we are like a big family. It really is a fantastic place to work.”

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Opportunity, at hand

Georgina will tell you her first career choice was in the blood. With a mother and grandmother who also worked as nurses, she found early on that her love of science and helping people would lead her to follow in their footsteps. Georgina’s experience as a Registered Nurse spans decades, and her keen interest in oncology was what brought her to Icon.

“I applied when the Icon Townsville centre was in the process of being built, and I knew it would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help start it from scratch. ”

We opened the centre in 2013, and Georgina has been at the helm ever since. As it was her first full-time management role, she was challenged to learn the ropes and build her leadership skills. With Icon’s support, Georgina has seized every opportunity that has come her way – including playing a vital role in opening Icon’s Mackay centre in 2018.

“You don’t actually know what you’re capable of until you jump in the deep end. It was a massive learning curve but I really found my feet. Since starting with Icon, I did my Master of Business Administration because I wanted to continue developing in that space. Icon supported me financially to finish that degree as well. I just pinch myself sometimes that this nurse from Townsville has had the opportunity to open and run two cancer hospitals. None of that would’ve happened if I didn’t join Icon.”

Now, with her combined training in oncology nursing and business, Georgina is thriving. But she knows our work isn’t always easy. For our patients, everything changes after a cancer diagnosis, and our people do all in their power to ease the burden. However, Georgina thinks you might be surprised by what a career with Icon really looks like.

“Oncology certainly doesn’t appeal to everyone. I think people are fearful of working in cancer care. They think it’s a sad, even morbid place, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. At Icon, it absolutely doesn’t resemble a place where people are battling one of the most challenging periods of their lives. You get to be part of someone’s journey.”

Impact, at scale

At Icon, every week brings new innovation and change. Cancer care is constantly evolving, and Georgina believes deeply that our dedication to provide the best care possible sets us apart. As we grow our reach, she is confident her career will continue to grow with us.

“I’ve matured and developed so much personally and professionally here, so to me, it’s important to be part of Icon’s next chapter. The story of Icon has been so amazing, and there’s so much more to come. I want to be part of that. I believe in what we do and what we can be.”

With incredible leaders like Georgina, we are so proud of what our people are achieving in every corner of Icon. And if you think a career with us could be right for you, Georgina has this advice to share:

“I think you get back what you put in when you join Icon. If you are committed to our values, to our purpose, and you want to be part of an incredible team, then you’re never going to regret that choice. I think it was the best thing I ever did, and I’m so grateful that I was brave enough to make the leap.”

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