Meet Shatalli Mooney-Stack

From Icon to the World Sporting Arena

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During work hours, you’ll find Shatalii Mooney-Stack helping Icon Group’s People and Capability Team as our People Services Administrator - but when she signs off for the day, she’s showing pace and footwork on the footy field.

Shatalii will showcase her extraordinary Touch Football prowess in England this July, representing Papua New Guinea in the 2024 Touch Football World Cup.

Read on as Shatalii shares more about her career with Icon and in Touch Football, representing Papua New Guinea in the World Cup and how she balances a full-time job and professional sporting career.

An iconic sporting career

Shatalii’s success in the sport was paved from an early age, growing up in an athletic family and playing her first game of Touch Football at just five years old.

“While I started sport for fun, I soon discovered my strong passion for it, working my way up to high-level competitions by age 11,” Shatalii explained.

“Twelve years after I first picked up a football, in 2019, I represented Papua New Guinea as part of the Open Women’s Team in my first Touch World Cup, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, all while completing my Year 12 studies.

“Representing Papua New Guinea in the Touch World Cup has been one of my proudest moments.”

Opportunity, at hand

Shatalii has joined the Open Women’s Team for the second time – a recognition of her endless dedication to the sport. But to become a world-level athlete, Shatalii says you must keep refining your skills and abilities to stay on top of your game.

“Despite making the World Cup team in 2019, I had to undergo rigorous testing and display my playing history over the past four years, since the last World Cup, to prove my spot,” Shatalii explained.

“As top-level athletes, we must continuously improve and refine our skills to prepare us for the calibre of touch football at an international level.”

From the field to the office

After graduating high school in 2019, Shatalii undertook work experience with Icon’s People and Capability Team before commencing her Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice studies. She joined Icon full-time in May 2023 and supports the administration of Icon’s large People and Capability team.

“My team make coming to work a joy – they support my endeavours – in and out of the workplace – and allow me to balance a People Services and sporting career while studying,” Shatalii said.

“Joining Icon has also been an opportunity for me to transfer my skills from my Touch Football career to the People and Capability Team, and though that may seem strange, there are many useful skills you can bring from the field.”

Building connection, at heart

A key learning Shatalii has brought from her time in sports is the importance of building relationships and leadership – essential both on the field and in a People Services role.

“Though I am young, I am usually the most experienced on the team, coaching and mentoring my team to be their best and building strong connections with them,” Shatalii said.

“From leading a team, I know the importance of team cohesion, collaboration, trust and positive culture, and I bring this knowledge off the field to my role at Icon.

“Icon has been a great place to work and very supportive of my professional development and I look forward to growing my career here.”

Juggling opportunities with priority

Shatalii admits balancing competitive sports, work, and life commitments is challenging, but she has developed strategies to help her thrive.

“It can be difficult at times to balance all my sporting commitments such as training, gym sessions and competition games with working full-time while still ensuring I take time for myself,” Shatalii said.

“But my advice is to learn how to be organised and good at time management – not only are these useful skills to balance life, but they are skills I use daily in my job too.”


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