Icon to introduce cutting-edge radiation therapy within Holmesglen Private Hospital

Icon Writers / 05 May, 2021

Icon Cancer Centre to introduce cutting-edge radiation therapy services within Holmesglen Private Hospital

The latest in advanced radiation therapy treatment will soon be available closer to home with the opening of a new, state-of-the-art cancer centre within Holmesglen Private Hospital. Cancer patients will be able to access all aspects of their care in the one location following the opening of Icon Cancer Centre Holmesglen in September 2021 of this year within Holmesglen Private Hospital, including surgery, radiation therapy, and infusion and oncology services.

Icon Group CEO Mark Middleton says the opening of Icon Cancer Centre Holmesglen will support the expanding metropolitan Melbourne community to conveniently access the latest in radiation therapy treatment.

“With Melbourne’s population set to increase to approximately 6.2 million by 2026, we are delighted to ensure that every person who receives a cancer diagnosis can access the best possible care, closer to home through the opening of a dedicated radiation therapy centre in the heart of Melbourne’s south-eastern corridor.”

With the opening of Icon Cancer Centre Holmesglen, which will be home to a state-of-the-art Varian Halcyon linear accelerator machine, patients will be able to access all facets of their cancer care within the Holmesglen Private Hospital campus. Icon Cancer Centre Holmesglen has the capacity to treat over 900 new courses of radiation therapy each year, offering precise and complex treatment including stereotactic radiation therapy for advanced cancer.

The centre marks a significant milestone in the 2016 partnership between Icon Group and Healthscope. Homesglen is the fourth Healthscope hospital in this partnership, which will include seven radiation oncology centres worth in excess of $65 million.

Healthscope CEO Steven Rubic says the collaboration between the two leading companies will continue to expand the availability of integrated, advanced cancer care services throughout Australia.

“Throughout the last five years, Healthscope has proudly worked hand in hand with Icon Group to introduce the latest in radiation therapy treatment to complement our hospital cancer services. We had a shared vision to provide greater access to world-class cancer treatment for patients at seven of our hospitals nationally. I am delighted to see the fourth centre of this partnership under development as we continue to explore further opportunities to partner with Icon in delivering a more comprehensive standard of cancer care across our network,” Mr Rubic said.

Holmesglen Private Hospital General Manager Keryn Hopkins says the centre will support the local community to access state-of-the-art radiation therapy treatment which was previously unavailable within Holmesglen Private Hospital.

“Icon Cancer Centre Holmesglen will play an important role in the delivery of comprehensive cancer care within Holmesglen Private Hospital, supporting local clinicians to offer seamless access to a full suite of cancer treatment options under the one roof,” Ms Hopkins said. “The opening of a dedicated radiation therapy centre represents another step forward in the delivery of patient-centred, personalised care within our hospital grounds, ensuring every patient who walks through our doors can access the care they need in one convenient location.”

Icon’s national network means they can leverage highly specialised techniques and technologies across their centres, including in regional and metropolitan areas. The delivery of these techniques includes national training, extensive quality assurance checks and support to ensure treatment is delivered with the highest safety and quality.

With 30 centres across Australia and several under development, Icon Cancer Centre will soon offer eight radiation oncology facilities in Victoria with the introduction of Icon Cancer Centre Holmesglen. Conveniently located within Holmesglen Private Hospital, the centre will also provide access to allied health, support services and pharmacy. Patients do not require private health insurance to receive radiation therapy treatments, with up to 80-90% of costs reimbursed by Medicare.

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