Icon takes centre stage at London Global Cancer Week

Icon Writers / 22 Nov, 2023

Following the announcement of its partnership with Nuffield Health, Icon Group has cemented its entry in the Uniting Kingdom holding a session at London Global Cancer Week.

Hosted in collaboration with City Cancer Challenge Foundation (C/Can) and Roche, the session explored impacts and solutions to the critical worldwide oncology workforce shortage and capacity building in LMICs

Attracting cancer and healthcare specialists and leaders from across the industry, the session – Cancer Workforce Crisis: Solutions from Low to Middle Income Countries (LMICs) and Remote Geographies – highlighted the importance of multisectoral partnerships and global networking in tackling the shortages threatening access to quality cancer care around the globe.

Icon Group CEO, Mark Middleton OAM chaired the event which featured:

  • Marlene Mumukunde, City Cancer Challenge Kigali Project Coordinator
  • Michael Oberreiter, Roche Head of Global Access
  • Margie Hjorth, Icon Group Director of Nursing
  • A/Prof Matthew Foote, Icon Group Deputy Director Radiation Oncology
  • Trent Aland, Icon Group Executive Manager Clinical Care
  • Claire Smith, Icon Group Director of Radiation Therapy and National Operations Manager, cancer centres UK

Speakers shared their clinical and technical expertise highlighting case studies and innovative solutions that are helping address gaps in cancer care and bring more care, to more people.

Here are three key takeaways from the session:

Learnings from LMICs: Marlene Mumukunde of C/Can and Margie Hjorth from Icon Group spotlighted solutions emerging from LMICs. Their focus on overcoming resource constraints and implementing strategic mentorship, quality assurance, and remote monitoring is key to building stronger healthcare networks for cancer care anywhere in the world.

Innovative training and workload management: Claire Smith and A/Prof Matthew Foote of Icon Group discussed how the oncology workforce shortage impacts patient outcomes. Their use of remote training strategies, radiation therapy workload pooling and a strong network of radiation oncology mentorship and technology rollouts offers a promising way to bridge this care gap.

The power of global partnerships: Trent Aland from Icon Group shared case studies underscoring the importance of strategic international medical physics networks and industry collaborations in resolving the workforce crisis felt globally.

Looking ahead, Icon Group’s partnership with Nuffield Health to deliver oncology services in the UK by 2024 is a prime example of how collaboration and partnerships is essential in combating this global challenge. Watch this space for more examples from Icon, on how effective collaboration and innovation can help address the growing global cancer workforce crisis and improve access to cancer care.

View speaker slides here.

Watch the full recording below:

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