Cancer Centre London’s enhanced radiation therapy standards

Icon Writers / 30 Apr, 2024

Surface-Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT) is on offer at Cancer Centre London (CCL) providing patients access to highly precise radiotherapy without the need for permanent tattooing.

Traditional radiation therapy often requires small permanent tattoos on the skin to guide the accurate delivery of treatment by ensuring positioning consistency throughout the treatment period. While effective, these marks are permanent and can serve as an unwelcome reminder of a patient’s cancer diagnosis. 

SGRT employs three-dimensional imaging and real time motion management to accurately position patients before each treatment session without any permanent skin markings, and ensures continuous monitoring of the patient position for further assurance. The technology maintains the precision of traditional methods but also spares patients the permanence of tattoo marks while also reducing patient treatment times.  

Best care possible

The implementation of this technology at CCL is another important offering for the centre which is the flagship of a strategic partnership and site collaboration between cancer care leaders Icon Group and Nuffield Health.

Icon UK’s Chief Clinical Strategy Officer and Clinical Oncologist, Dr Penny Kechagioglou, said this technology is a win for local cancer patients.

“I am excited about the tattoo-less radiotherapy and SGRT offering at Cancer Centre London,” said Dr Kechagioglou.

“This assures radiotherapy treatment precision and will improve patient experience regardless of tumour type.

“Patients value not having a permanent mark on their body reminding them of the fact they have received cancer treatment.

“Given that tattoo-less radiotherapy is not standard of care in the UK, I’m very proud of the Icon team for driving this patient-centred innovation”.

Patient focused

National Operations Manager, cancer centres UK, Claire Smith who is also a Radiation Therapist, said this technology immensely benefit patients.

“By integrating advanced technologies into our treatment protocols, we not only improve the precision of our therapies but also enhance the overall patient experience, ensuring that our approach to cancer care is as considerate as it is cutting-edge,” said Claire.

Globally at Icon, we’re evolving all our centres to adopt tattoo-less radiotherapy too. SGRT is just one of the many ways Icon is working to advance cancer treatment and bring the best possible patient care, closer to where more people need it.

Future healthcare

Group Executive Manager, Clinical Care, Trent Aland said Icon will continue to invest in the latest technologies to improve patient outcomes.

“Last year alone we installed 10 new motion management systems (SGRT) across Australia and have a view to continue introducing these technologies to all our centres,” said Trent.

“We have strong and long-term industry partnerships that allow us to be at the forefront of advanced and emerging radiation therapy technologies and techniques and we remain committed to bringing these advancements to patients across the world.”

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