Singapore’s 365 Cancer Prevention Society and Icon Cancer Centre Sign MOU to Extend Collaboration in Fight Against Cancer

Icon Writers / 10 Jun, 2024

Icon Cancer Centre Singapore (Icon) and 365 Cancer Prevention Society (365CPS) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in an agreement to extend their collaboration for an additional three years.

The MOU aims to bolster 365CPS’ tri-fold mission in Cancer Prevention, Cancer Fighting and Cancer Education in Singapore. The extension builds on the original three-year agreement, signed in 2021.

Over the past three years, the partnership between Icon and 365CPS has seen the Society launched its #My1st cancer screening series for lower-income individuals in Singapore.

More than 350 people have benefitted from early detection through the screening campaigns. In 2024, five out of seven cancer and health screening campaigns by 365CPS will be supported by Icon Singapore. The organisations have also collaborated on multiple cancer education and awareness activities by 365CPS.

Bringing care to more people

President of 365 Cancer Prevention Society, James Chia said extending the MOU will benefit more Singaporeans.

“The continued collaboration with Icon Cancer Centre has allowed both parties to mutually contribute and support each other by filling any gaps in our cancer-fighting efforts,” said James.

“Our work with Icon Cancer Centre will continue to grow and moving forward this year, we are embarking together on a new prostate screening campaign for lower-income individuals, a first screening offered for men in Singapore.

“Through these new screenings, we aim to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to tackle some of the most common cancers faced by Singaporeans.”

Icon Cancer Centre will also continue to provide resources for 365CPS Resource Hub in areas related to cancer research, treatments and best practices. Both organisations will provide support for each other’s patients and members, with a focus on those from lower-income families. The teams will also support each other in cancer awareness, education, prevention and fighting through public education and other events.

About 365 Cancer Prevention Society

365 Cancer Prevention Society is a non-profit organisation founded in 2003 to serve the community in its tri-fold mission – Cancer Prevention, Cancer Fighting and Cancer Education.

The organisation promotes awareness of cancer-related illness and supports members through programs and services including Care & Support, Counselling, Nutritional Support, Physiotherapy, Financial Assistance, Health Education and 365 Rhythmic Stretching Exercise. 365 Cancer Prevention Society also runs Social Service Centres to provide a positive and encouraging environment where cancer fighters, caregivers and their loved ones can share personal stories, support one another, and be educated on how to prevent and cope with cancer.

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