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A commitment to increasing access to cancer care has driven Icon Group beyond Australian shores to embrace opportunities in the ASEAN region and beyond

A commitment to increasing access to cancer care has driven Icon Group beyond Australian shores to embrace opportunities in the ASEAN region. With the incorporation of Singapore Oncology Consultants [SOC] providing a solid foundation on which to build a strong regional presence, we continue to explore new opportunities across South-East Asia and into China furthering the Group’s vision to make an impact on the global cancer burden. Our current portfolio includes:

Cancer Services in Singapore

The Group’s Icon Cancer Centres in Singapore were formed with the introduction of Singapore Oncology Consultants [SOC]– a private oncology provider who have been delivering care in Singapore since 2006.

Guided by this prominent and strong cohort of doctors, our seven Icon Cancer Centres across Singapore treats thousands of patients every year. Further to our commitment across Singapore we continue to provide more care to surrounding regions with outreach clinics into Vietnam and Myanmar. In addition to treating Singaporeans, Icon cares for patients from surrounding countries who travel for a personalised, holistic approach to cancer care. As a result, we have become a regional hub acknowledged for evidence-based treatments and a supportive approach to patient care.

Our shared-care model allows patients flexible and portable methods of treatment. This ensures the organisation is well positioned to face emerging trends in cancer care and local Asian industry influences.

Since acquisition, our Singapore arm has significantly grown their footprint from seven to 12 clinicians. Hand-in-hand with this has been a growth in clinics from four to seven, with the acquisition of Haematology Oncology Clinic – the first private haematology group in Singapore – rounding out this number in the last year.

Together with this growth,  the last twelve months have been focused on service evolution, introducing both haematology and radiation oncology services in 2018. Across our Singapore centres we currently partners with hospitals to deliver radiation oncology services to ensure patients receive comprehensive care by a multidisciplinary team.

In June 2019 Icon was appointed to build and manage a new state-of-the-art integrated cancer centre at Mount Alvernia Hospital that will bring together medical oncology, haematology and radiation oncology. Icon’s global partnership with Varian Medical Systems will see this centre become the regional training hub for radiation oncologists, medical physicists and radiation therapists in the Asia-Pacific region.

China Developments

Over the next two years the cancer burden in China will increase by 70%, Icon Group is committed to exporting Australian expertise and collaborating with China healthcare organisations to bring more care to the people of China and reduce this burden.

In February 2019, Icon Group signed a milestone agreement with China’s Sanbo Brain Hospital Management Group to deliver radiation oncology services. These services are set to open late 2019 in their Chag’an hospital in Chongqing. This saw Icon become the first Australian healthcare company to provide Australian oncology expertise in China.

In June 2019, Icon signed an agreement with United Family Healthcare Group (UFH) to deliver radiation oncology services by the end of 2019 in UFH’s Qingdao hospital in Shandong province. These partnerships will utilise Icon’s unique remote radiation therapy planning function and will introduce a high standard of radiation therapy treatments into China.

Hong Kong

Extending on Icon’s growth in Asia, in September 2019, Icon Group acquired Hong Kong’s oncology-focused group, SunTech Medical Group to further support patients to receive timely access to oncology specialists. SunTech Medical was founded by some of the top clinical oncologists and colorectal surgeons in Hong Kong and comprises of a network of renowned specialists. With a philosophy of providing high quality, personalised care, SunTech and Icon share the same values of patient-centred care and an equal commitment to facing the global cancer burden by using the latest technologies.

This acquisition complements the group’s existing services in Singapore and developments in China and marked another step forward in establishing expertise and capabilities across Asia and bring world-class cancer care to areas of unmet need.

Vietnam Developments

The healthcare system in Vietnam currently only addresses 30 to 40 percent of the demand in cancer services, due to limited access to radiation therapy treatment facilities and advanced techniques. In November 2019, Icon Group signed a novel agreement with Vinmec Central Park International Hospital to respond to the growing cancer incidence.

Vinmec, a not-for-profit institute backed by Vietnam’s leading private economic consortium, Vingroup Corporation, opened its doors in 2012 and is renowned for its provision of high-quality healthcare services. Testament to Vinmec’s ethos of providing the best possible care and first-class expertise to all patients, the institute has become one of the first hospitals in Vietnam to offer multimodal cancer treatment (the combination of multiple treatments at the same time) to improve standard of care. Icon Group’s new service agreement with Vinmec has resulted in the introduction of specialised radiation technology and planning audit tools that respond to the individual treatment needs of patients. Furthermore, the centre’s 30 beds will have the capacity to treat 2,500 patients each year and provide medical oncology, surgical and radiation oncology services for the region.


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