Icon Group is Australia’s largest dedicated provider of cancer care with a growing reach into New Zealand and Asia. The Group is built on a strong but simple vision – to deliver the best care possible to as many people as possible, as close to home as possible.

The Group brings together all aspects of care from day oncology to radiation oncology, chemotherapy compounding and pharmacy for the benefit of patients.

The Group came together in 2015, and while our history may be short and productive, the businesses that form the Group have been pillars of the Australian healthcare community for decades. 

Our services include:

  • Oncology day hospital – Our day oncology division is Australia’s largest private provider of day oncology and haematology with centres nationally, as well as in Singapore and New Zealand
  • Radiation oncology – Our radiation oncology division was formed via the acquisition of four key radiation oncology businesses. We have radiation oncology centres nationally and internationally, including a joint venture centre in development in New Zealand and a number in development in China
  • Comprehensive cancer centres – these centres bring together day oncology, radiation oncology and pharmacy under the one roof
  • Chemotherapy compounding – Slade Health is one of Australia’s largest chemotherapy compounders delivering over 800,000 infusions annually
  • Pharmacy management – providing for Epic Pharmacy and Slade Pharmacy the nation’s leading pharmaceutical supply businesses for the hospital, oncology and aged care sector
  • Research – we deliver clinical trials through our not-for-profit partner Icon Cancer Foundation – one of the nation’s largest private providers of comprehensive cancer trial programs

The entrepreneurial heart at the centre of our businesses is what brings them together as a Group. Each believe patients can benefit from a more innovative and dynamic approach to healthcare. This comprehensive end-to-end service model enables the Group to work as one multidisciplinary team to deliver exceptional care. With a strong focus on innovation and investment in technology based solutions, as well as global partnerships with peak international cancer bodies such as the Union for International Cancer Control [UICC], Icon is truly at the forefront of cancer treatment.